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Guilty Pleasure: Shankar-Vikram's Anniyan is relevant in today's times and that makes it a worthwhile watch
Shaheen Irani
Jan 15, 2022
cover image
Anniyan - Vikram.

Anniyan is a movie that has been mocked to this date. However, it is a film that was way ahead of its time and is relevant even today. Ambi, who is a lawyer by profession, faces so much injustice in a day. He is a good-hearted man who gets upset seeing how a human being dies because of other people's negligence. This changes something in him.

While the graphics in the film are laughable, Anniyan (Aparichit in Hindi) has a very good message hidden behind the film. The film might not have been the best, but it is one of the movies that showed just how versatile Vikram's acting is.

Here are a few other things I absolutely love about this film:

Multiple personalities in one person

Ambi suffers from multiple personality disorder and his alter-ego, Anniyan does things his way. While Ambi cannot even kill a mosquito, Anniyan has his own ways of showing what justice looks like. The best part is, he never dirties his own hands. On the other hand, Remo (Anbu and Anniyan's alter-ego) is a romantic at heart and can go to any extent to keep his one and only, Nandini (Sadha), smiling.

How it shows the impact of voicing your opinion

Ambi doesn't shy away from voicing his opinion. However, he is constantly shut down and this is something that people still face even today. This is why everybody needs an Anniyan today.

Equal amounts of bizarre

Remo has his own style. He brings the moon and stars to Nandini, and they even go away on their own. This bizarre scene is sure to entertain you to the core.

The hilarious superhero action sequence

In a scene where Anniyan has to fight with the goons, he is Spider-Man, Superman, and a Bollywood hero from the 80s who only needs to touch the villains to make them fly. In another scene, he becomes a one-man army and defeats whole karate class students single-handedly. It is entertainment in its purest form.

Vikram's back-to-back personality changes

Vikram's scene with Prakash Raj is still iconic. He is seen in two characters, Ambi and Anniyan, simultaneously. It is not an easy feat, and only an actor like Vikram is capable of performing the scene so well.

While Anniyan is not the best with CGI, action, or even execution of scenes, the film is entertaining and it is not just us saying that. This is a popular opinion among people who have seen the film and are watching it 16 years later too. Whether drunk-binging or otherwise, Anniyan is a stress-buster that will make you laugh as well as think hard even today.

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