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Gullak S4 new promo – It’s all in the little moments for the Mishra family

Gullak season 4 wiill be out on OTT in less than a week

Gullak S4 new promo – It’s all in the little moments for the Mishra family
Jameel Khan in Gullak. (Courtesy - IMDb)

Last Updated: 09.48 AM, Jun 01, 2024


Gullak season 4 is scheduled to release on SonyLIV and OTTplay Premium in less than a week. Ahead of its release, the makers have unveiled a new promo of the show. Like always, it is in the little moments that makes the Mishra family who they are. It is these moments that get stored in the ‘Gullak’ called life. Watch the new promo here…

The small moments of happiness

Harsh Mayar’s Aman Mishra is seen capturing his mother Shanti Mishra (Geetanjali Kulkarni) as she gossips and laughs with her friend. “Ek dooje se karte hai pyaar,” describes them perfectly.

“Sanjhote hai chote chote sapne,” is where Jameel Khan’s Santosh Mishra discusses with his family what their house will look like. It has washroom, toilet and kitchen at the back. You can only guess how Shanti Mishra reacted when she heard the same. “Accha! Laterine ke bagal mein rasoi banaoge tum?,” prompt came her response.

The fun that is family

Just then, Annu (Vaibhav Raj Gupta) is heard demanding that he wants a scooty. “Nok-jhok bhara hai inka rishta,” read the caption as Annu started arguing with his family about getting an inverter as well as scooty. Shanti was the one who wanted the interver (she meant inverter).

“Passbook dekhne se account mein paisa nahi badhta,” Shanti told Santosh. He had the apt response to that, by saying, “Seedhe mooh baat karne se mooh tedha nahi ho jaata.”

Just as we read, “Kabhi kabhi saath mein haste hain,” Santosh jokes with Annu and Aman about Bittu’s mother also coming to see them. Soon enough, Santosh gets emotional thinking about how Annu is handling all expenses. That is when we read, “Toh kabhi ho jaate hai senti,” as Santosh remembers how Annu is handling a lot right after getting his new job. This gets Annu also sentimental.

The makers explain well what they mean when they write, “Inhi khatte-meethe kisson se banta hai inka Gullak,” just as Santosh and Shanti dance freely. It is surely in these small moments that the show is.

About Gullak 4

Gullak season 4 will see Aman Mishra’s adulting vs Santosh-Shanti Mishra’s parenting. Unfortunately for Aman, his elder brother Annu is also into parenting. The show will explore all the beautiful moments in between the adulting and parenting. The show will start streaming on SonyLIV and OTTplay Premium from June 7.

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