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Gunshots fired outside Salman Khan’s Mumbai residence by an unidentified man; investigation launched - Reports

Salman Khan’s Mumbai residence Galaxy Apartment saw an unidentified man firing several rounds in the air in the early hours.  

Gunshots fired outside Salman Khan’s Mumbai residence by an unidentified man; investigation launched - Reports

Gunshots Heard Outside Salman Khan's Mumbai Residence

Last Updated: 09.05 AM, Apr 14, 2024


Salman Khan is in the news for a lot of things at the moment, including the announcement of his Eid 2025 release, Sikander, where he partners with A R Murugadoss. But in a shocking turn of events this morning, the man is in the news for a very serious update that says gunshots were heard in the wee hours today outside Salman’s Mumbai residence, Galaxy, which has raised tension across the fandom and the family. There are reports that the incident took place around 5 in the morning when gunshots were heard by the people present, leaving everyone alarmed. While no one is hurt in this shocking turn of events today, below is everything you should know about this worrisome update of the day.

Gunshots Heard Outside Salman Khan's Mumbai Residence

The morning began on a tense note for the Khan family as reports say that several gunshots were fired in the air outside Galaxy apartments, where Salman Khan stays with his family. The report by NDTV says that an unidentified man came on a motorcycle at 5:00 am, neared Galaxy apartments, took out a gun, fired several rounds in the air, and sped away instantly. While the Khan family and the police are yet to release an official statement about this, there is indeed an environment of tension in Bandra at the moment.

The Mumbai police have begun the probe into the case and are now trying to track down the unidentified man who fired bullets outside Salman Khan’s Mumbai home. There are no more details about the shocking incident as of yet, but there is indeed tension that can only find a solution once the unidentified man is tracked down.

Past Threats Against Salman Khan

Meanwhile, this is not the first time Salman Khan is in the news for threats against him. It was recently when the Mumbai police gave him Y+ security when he received a threatening email, which was said to have been sent by a student from the United Kingdom, and an investigation was underway to find him. Additionally, he was the topmost target on the list of 10 main targets that gangster Lawrence Bishnoi was planning to eliminate. For the uninitiated, Lawrence is behind bars and is reportedly targeting Salman Khan because of the 1998 Black Buck Hunting Incident. The row had allegedly offended the Bishnoi community back in the day.

Lawrence Bishnoi has then said that his henchman, Sampath Nehra, had surveilled Salman Khan’s Mumbai residence, helping him stage the potential hit. Later, Nehra was arrested by the Haryana Special Task Force. Meanwhile, the new incident has certainly sent shockwaves across the fandom of the star and the citizens in general.

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