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Gurudev Hoysala on OTT: Recapping the best of Daali Dhananjaya’s cop caper as it begins streaming

The N Vijay directed film, which released in theatres on March 30, was widely appreciated for its bold story-telling and acting talent, especially Naveen Shankar.

Gurudev Hoysala on OTT: Recapping the best of Daali Dhananjaya’s cop caper as it begins streaming
Dhananjaya in a still from the film
  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 05.24 AM, Apr 27, 2023


Daali Dhananjaya had a lot riding on his milestone 25thfilm – despite the sheer variety of roles he’d done in 2022, they’d not caught the fancy of audiences as much as he’d hoped for and Gurudev Hoysala was his way of addressing that. This was a film that saw him return to the massy commercial genre. Directed by N Vijay and backed by KRG Studios, the film, though was far from just a racy actioner and was much-loved for its story-telling, which addressed two pertinent issues, and the acting prowess of its cast, led by Dhananjaya, of course, with everyone lauding Naveen Shankar, who played one of the antagonists.

‘Sakkath’, ‘chindi’, ‘kadak’, were some of the commonly used adjectives to describe the film, with several netizens torn between whether it is Dhananjaya’s best film ever, or the second best after Tagaru. “Perfect entertainment with society-oriented message”, “Dhananjaya and Naveen Shankar show all the way, but Amrutha Iyengar, Nagabhushana, Rajesh Nataranga and Achyuth Kumar also did justice to their roles”, “Star attraction of film is Naveen Shankar. This film will change your career” – tweets that more or less sum up what most audiences felt about Gurudev Hoysala.

Naveen Shankar as Bali
Naveen Shankar as Bali

Given that the film had opened to positive reviews, it was expected that the team would delay its OTT outing to sometime in mid-May, but the trend, off late, has been for films to drop within the 30-day mark. OTTplay had earlier mentioned that the buzz was that the film would be on Amazon Prime on April 27 and turns out, we were right. The film, interestingly, comes on OTT, in yet another clash with Nani’s Dasara. Gurudev Hoysala and Dasara had both released in theatres on March 30 and come to OTT on April 27, albeit on different platforms.