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Gyeongseong Creature Part 2 X review- Fans are ‘broken’ over the ending & amazed by the chemistry between Park Seo Joon & Han So Hee

Gyeongseong Creature, which dropped in two parts on Netflix, has won the hearts of netizens and twitterattis by its touching ending and brilliant chemistry, as well as an exceptional spot of direction

Gyeongseong Creature Part 2 X review- Fans are ‘broken’ over the ending & amazed by the chemistry between Park Seo Joon & Han So Hee
A still from Gyeongseong Creature

Last Updated: 03.08 AM, Jan 06, 2024


Gyeongseong Creature Part 2 dropped on Netflix, amid much anticipation, on January 5, 2024. The last three episodes were an electrifying conclusion to the first seven, soothing some hearts and breaking all in the process of building up to a climax that set the premise for the next much-needed season.

Created by Kang Eun Kyung, Gyeongseong Creature was directed by Chung Dong Yoon and Roh Young Sub. The apocalyptic fantasy period thriller is a multi-genre affair, with dystopia, monsters, 1945 Japanese colonists, and mysterious disappearances raging rampant in Gyeongseong (the erstwhile name of Seoul).

The show traces the story of two individuals and their fateful crossing in life, wealthy and well-connected Jang Tae Sang, who runs the city’s biggest pawnshop and sips tea while being the underworld’s eyes and ears.


Enters into his satisfying but recently troubled life (due to a pesky affair with the local police commissioner), Yoon Chae Ok, a tough, detective sleuth who aids her father in tracking down missing people. As they bond for mutual benefits, it deepens into a sweet relationship that is deeper than modern love.

However, life is not so kind as to offer them such reprieve forever, especially when it's set in a dystopic, colonized Gyeongseong where mysterious experiments occur beyond the fortified gates of Ongseong Hospital.

Now, it is up to Tae Sang and Chae Ok to get in there, rescue people, and get out alive without being killed by its anthrax-breathing, tentacled monster, or turned by the Najin parasite. The ending to the show caused mayhem among fans, who were heartbroken by Chae Ok’s apparent death onscreen, as well as the separation of the beloved Sang-Ok couple.

Some X users demanded Season 2 of Gyeongseong Creature ASAP (as soon as possible, of course!).

Others tried to make temporary peace with the long wait for another potential season of Gyeongseong Creature and admired the brilliance of the show.

There were users, who could not help but appreciate the wonderful performances given by Park Seo Joon as Tae Sang and Han So Hee as Chae Ok.

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