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Happy Birthday Yogi Babu: 5 must-watch films of the most-wanted comedian in Kollywood

His performance in the latest film Maaveeran is receiving a good response

Happy Birthday Yogi Babu: 5 must-watch films of the most-wanted comedian in Kollywood

Yogi Babu

Last Updated: 05.52 PM, Jul 22, 2023


Yogi Babu, one of the most-wanted comedians in Tamil cinema, doesn't need an introduction. The actor has become a must-have element in Tamil cinema, irrespective of the impact he makes. His latest outing Maaveeran has him impressing the audience with his witty one-liners and chemistry with Sivakarthikeyan.

He has also started playing lead roles for quite some time. On his birthday today, we look at some of his must-watch performances that have garnered unanimous positive responses from film buffs. These five films showcase his diverse talent, ranging from slapstick comedy to subtle humor, and prove why he has become a beloved figure in the Tamil film industry.

Aandavan Kattalai


Yogi Babu shines as Manikandan's hilarious sidekick, stealing hearts with his comic genius. The film follows the journey of two men trying to escape their problems by posing as UK visa applicants. Yogi Babu's witty one-liners and impeccable timing elevate the humor, making this comedy-drama a delightful watch.

Kolamavu Kokila


In this dark comedy, Yogi Babu delivers a standout performance as Mohan, a loyal friend to the protagonist. The film revolves around a woman who gets involved in drug trafficking to save her family. Yogi Babu's quirky expressions and situational humor add levity to an otherwise intense narrative.

Pariyerum Perumal


Yogi Babu showcases his versatility in this socially relevant drama. He plays Jo, the protagonist's college mate, providing much-needed comic relief in an emotionally charged storyline about caste discrimination and friendship. His natural charisma and effortless humor make Jo a memorable character.



In this comedy entertainer, Yogi Babu takes center stage as a security guard defending a mall from terrorists. His impeccable comic timing, slapstick humor, and witty dialogues elevate the film's entertainment quotient, making it a hilarious ride from start to finish.



Set in a fictional village, the film follows the journey of Nelson Mandela, a barber with no political aspirations, who becomes the accidental leader of the people. Yogi Babu's impeccable comedic prowess and endearing performance breathe life into Mandela's character, as he navigates the complexities of governance and bureaucracy. 

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