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Here are 5 reasons to watch Karan Johar’s Love Storiyaan on Amazon Prime Video

Love Storiyaan on Amazon Prime Video is a riveting series, exploring real love stories that defy cultural norms

Here are 5 reasons to watch Karan Johar’s Love Storiyaan on Amazon Prime Video
Still from Love Storiyaan. Amazon Prime Video

Last Updated: 04.39 PM, Feb 14, 2024


Societal and cultural norms in our country have for long played a huge role in marriages, and sometimes stand in the way of people seeking to unite in love. But there are enough and more tales about courageous souls who defy societal norms for their loved ones. Documented by the Instagram account India Love Project, these narratives have now been immortalized in a series titled Love Storiyaan, produced by Dharmatic Entertainment. Premiering on Valentine’s Day on Amazon Prime Video, this anthology pays homage to the resilience and passion of individuals who have transcended cultural barriers for love.

True love stories on OTT

The series, which comprises six poignant tales, is a far cry from the glamourised narratives often depicted in mainstream Bollywood cinema, opting instead for authentic accounts that resonate deeply with viewers. Each story is a testament to the human spirit, showcasing the triumph of love over societal constructs such as caste, class and religion.

Shot on picturesque locations

Shot against the backdrop of some breathtaking landscapes, Love Storiyaan takes audiences on a visual journey - from the lush greenery of Wayanad in Kerala to the quaint charm of Lumding in Assam. These picturesque locales serve as more than mere settings - they become integral to the storytelling, enhancing the emotional depth of each narrative.

Experience diversity of our country

Moreover, the series celebrates the diversity inherent in Indian society, offering glimpses into the varied cultural tapestries that make up the nation. From traditional South Indian weddings to Dalit ceremonies in rural Madhya Pradesh, Love Storiyaan showcases the richness of India's cultural diversity, emphasizing that diversity is not a barrier but a source of strength.

Fills you with emotions of hope and passion

Above all, Love Storiyaan inspires hope and passion, reminding viewers that love knows no bounds. Through tales of determination and resilience, the series urges audiences to look beyond differences and fight for what they believe in.

Great way to spend your Valentine’s Day

Releasing on Amazon Prime Video on Valentine’s Day, Love Storiyaan offers the perfect way to spend the occasion, whether alone or with a loved one. So, grab some snacks, settle in, and prepare to be moved by these heartwarming tales of love, courage and perseverance. After all, as Love Storiyaan reminds us, true love is worth fighting for.

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