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“He’s gonna take over the world”: Fans React after Paris Hilton Posts Baby Picture

Fans fighting fans for Paris Hilton’s ‘Angel Baby’ became the highlight of the social media post. The actress posted a 6-slide carousal on a special occasion. 

“He’s gonna take over the world”: Fans React after Paris Hilton Posts Baby Picture
Paris Hilton with her baby Phoenix/Instagram

Last Updated: 04.45 AM, Oct 20, 2023


Celebrities often refrain from posting their baby’s pictures due to privacy concerns. Social media is a huge platform bridging the gap between fans and their favourite superstars. Though it is mostly used to connect and encourage positivity, it sometimes becomes the ground of insensitivity and negativity. Paris Hilton earlier today posted a bunch of adorable pictures of her baby. The social media post received an overwhelming response from her fans. While many were swooning over the pictures, few took a dig at the actress and her child.

Paris Hilton introduces baby to New York City

Paris Hilton is no ordinary woman, she is a socialite, model, actress, singer, businesswoman, and now a doting mother. The 42-year-old media personality took to her Instagram to share with the world her Angel baby. In a cute post, she shared a six-slide carousal, holding her baby son Phoenix to mark his first visit to the Big Apple City. She captioned the post, "My precious angel baby Phoenix's first time in NYC", along with a few emoticons. Hilton looked stunning in the dazzling black dress with a rhinestone bow, while her baby was dressed in a white check t-shirt with matching shoes.

Highlight of the post: Fans fighting fans for ‘Angel Baby’

While the majority of the fans were taken by excitement and joy, there were few who didn’t step back from criticizing the 9-month baby. However, what is worth mentioning is the contrast between the positive and negative comments that became the highlight of the post. One social media user commented, “Grown adults commenting on a baby’s appearance ain’t it. You look amazing and he is such a handsome boy!,” this thread had almost 40 replies, each one hustling to pull down the other. 

While other comments were mostly about praising the cuteness and innocence of Hilton’s baby.

Another comment with the most replies, includes this one, “Little does he know in a couple years he’s gonna take over the world.”

Paris Hilton welcomed her first baby on Jan 16 with her husband Carter Reum via surrogacy.

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