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Hi Nanna, Kaathal The Core, Conjuring Kannappan: 5 OTT movies on Netflix, Prime Video you must not miss this weekend

From path-breaking Kaathal The Core to horror-comedy Conjuring Kannappan, here's your weekend streaming guide to help you navigate the latest arrivals.

Hi Nanna, Kaathal The Core, Conjuring Kannappan: 5 OTT movies on Netflix, Prime Video you must not miss this weekend
New OTT releases this week.

Last Updated: 06.31 PM, Jan 04, 2024


With the new week comes a wave of fresh arrivals on the streaming platforms. And it's not always easy to pick the right movies to watch during the previous weekends. So here's your streaming guide for the weekend.

Hi Nanna:


If you are in the mood for a mindless feel-good drama to veg out after a long weekend, Hi Nanna is a perfect choice. Debut director Shouryuv has reused the old narrative tropes to fashion a complicated romantic drama with a handful of good moments. The film revolves around the struggles of a single father fighting to save his daughter from a serious medical condition. Oh, wait. And purely by accident, he also runs into his former wife, who has lost all her past memories. The film stars Nani and Mrunal Thakur in the lead roles.

Hi Nanna is streaming on Netflix.

Kaathal The Core:

Malayalam superstar Mammootty continues to push the boundaries of his stardom and storytelling with each film. Last year, he sprung a pleasant surprise by essaying the role of a closeted gay man in Kaathal The Core. Directed by Jeo Baby, the film narrates the importance of self-love and self-acceptance and develops into the crippling effects of giving into social judgments. It also boasts of Jyothika's career-best performance as she wonderfully captures the sufferings of a dutiful wife of a gay man. You should not miss this movie.

Kaathal The Core debuts on Amazon Prime Video on January 5.


Judging from the trailer, Udal holds the promise of an intense and gripping thriller that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. Akin to Hollywood's successful hit Don't Breathe, where a blind man defends his home against intruders, Udal takes a similar premise and transforms it into a chilling narrative. In this film, Indrans seems to assume the role of the antagonist, orchestrating a reign of terror upon his daughter-in-law and her lover, resulting in a riveting bloodbath. Set against the backdrop of the forced isolation imposed by the COVID outbreak, Udal seems to explore the psychological tension and suspense arising from the characters' confined circumstances.

Udal is streaming on Saina Play.

Tholvi FC:

When it comes to making realistic feel-good movies, Malayalam filmmakers always outsmart their counterparts in other regional industries. The trailer of Tholvi FC promises an uplifting film that seems to highlight the importance of facing life's challenges without losing hope and kindness. The film delves into the ongoing challenges faced by the Kurivila family, portraying a narrative where success remains elusive. The family appears to be trapped in a prolonged period of adversity, encountering continuous setbacks affecting various aspects of their lives. Whether navigating relationships, pursuing career goals, or following personal passions, each member of the Kurivila family finds themselves grappling with repeated failures. However, all the setbacks seemingly fail to dim their moxie, humour and optimism.

Tholvi FC is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Conjuring Kannappan:

In Conjuring Kannappan, debut director Selvin Raj Xavier puts a fresh perspective on nightmares. The narrative revolves around the consequences faced by those who unsuspectingly tamper with a mysterious dreamcatcher. Plucking feathers from this enigmatic object sets off a chain of events where the nightmares experienced transcend the dream realm and manifest into the real world. The film stars Sathish, Regina Cassandra, Nassar, Anandaraj, Saranya Ponvannan, VTV Ganesh, and Redin Kingsley.

Conjuring Kannappan is set to debut on Netflix on January 5.

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