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Hi Nanna - Nani, Mrunal Thakur reveal why they said yes to the Shouryuv directorial

Hi Nanna releases in five languages on December 7 worldwide

Hi Nanna - Nani, Mrunal Thakur reveal why they said yes to the Shouryuv directorial
Nani and Mrunal Thakur

Last Updated: 05.44 PM, Dec 03, 2023


After scoring the career-biggest hits in their careers, Nani (with Dasara) and Mrunal Thakur (with Sita Ramam) are joining hands for Hi Nanna, which releases in Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Tamil on December 7. The lead pair, Priyadarshi and Baby Kiara came together to discuss the father-daughter drama over a promotional interview recently.


In response to Priyadarshi’s question on why she chose to do Hi Nanna, Mrunal Thakur shared, “After Sita Ramam, there was pressure on choosing the right film. The amount of love I got from the Telugu industry made me feel responsible. It took me almost a year to choose the right film. One day, Shouryuv narrated me the story and I said yes within 30 minutes.”

Mrunal said that she is very possessive about her characters and believed only she could play Yashna. Discussing the challenges of making a mark in a language she’s not aware of, the actress said, “I started preparing for a career in cinema since I was 4. My dad was a government employee, we travelled all across India and it was a learning ground for me.”

Her only fear while entering Telugu cinema was the apprehension that she would be alienated because of not knowing the language. “Only when we were shooting in Ooty and the team couldn’t speak Telugu there, did they realise the problem I was facing.”

Nani, why justifying his decision to take up Hi Nanna, stated that he always views himself as an audience while choosing a script. “Back in my younger years, there were many films that my entire family would go to and they had emotions, love story. I felt we were missing that in this era.” When Shouryuv narrated Hi Nanna, the actor felt it had the right ingredients to engage all kinds of audiences.

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