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Hilarie Burton Morgan's kids don't think she's famous; she's just a regular mom for them

Although they do understand about what their dad Jeffrey Dean Morgan do and how he became famous

Hilarie Burton Morgan's kids don't think she's famous; she's just a regular mom for them

Hilarie Burton Morgan

Last Updated: 01.48 AM, Nov 05, 2023


We all know Hilarie Burton Morgan for her famous series like One Tree Hill, White Collar, Lethal Weapon, A Christmas Wish. She's an icon from the '90s and early 2000s. But did you know, despite doing so many hit shows, her kids think of her as a normal human, and not any star?

What did Hilarie reveal?

Recently in an interview with E! News, that's what we got to know. Hilarie herself told that their 13-year-old son Gus and 5-year-old daughter George think of her as a regular mom. Although they do understand about their dad Jeffrey Dean Morgan's work, they don't know the popularity of their mom.

“They are so irritated when people come up to us in the supermarket and act like I'm somebody because they're like, she's nobody, we're the somebodys," the actress explained about her life with her kids. "Like they're the stars of the show.”

How did Hilarie overcome this?

Here's how Hilarie did something unique to make her kids know about her work and believe her. She said in the interview that her daughter is a big fan of Britney Spears. Hence, she showed her daughter a video of her taking an interview with Spears, 20 years ago.

"I think becoming a girl mom was a transformative thing for me.” While talking about being a daughter's mom, Hilarie shared how it excites her most, “There's a birthright that boys get that is kind of normalised in our culture. But for my daughter, we'd gone through the Me Too movement, we've gone through lots of changes in our culture, we've gone through national dialogues about what it means to be a woman in the workplace. And I wanted her to have a really sound sense of self, so that I could send her off into the world."

Burton's memoir

This year, Hilarie Burton Morgan has published her memoir, Grimoire Girl: A Memoir of Magic and Mischief in April. It exhibits how the 41-year-old actress is creating an inheritance of mischief and magic that will outlive her. She shows readers how they too can look at the elements of their lives and collect the pieces into a tangible collection of a lifetime of learning.

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