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Hombale Films calls Yash box office Sultan; Darshan fans respond that only he's the Sultan of the box office

As KGF: Chapter 2 continues its impressive run at the box office, the makers put out a social media post hailing Yash as the box office Sultan, which did not sit well with Darshan fans.

  • OTTplay Team

Last Updated: 10.51 AM, May 10, 2022

Hombale Films calls Yash box office Sultan; Darshan fans respond that only he's the Sultan of the box office
Darshan fans say he is the undisputed king of the box office and not Yash

Wondering why #DBoss has been trending on social media since morning? Has there been an update about the Challenging Star’s ongoing project, Kranti? No! Something about #D56? Also, no! Why then? Well, turns out that a social media post by the makers of KGF Chapter 2 has irked fans of the Challenging Star.

Earlier today, Hombale Films put up a social media post in which Rocking Star Yash, the leading man of KGF: Chapter 2 was addressed as Box Office Sultan. Given KGF2’s box office collections across the globe, one would think that it is justified; the film is, after all, still going strong across all markets.

The post, however, did not sit well with fans of Darshan, according to who the title of Box Office Sultan rests squarely with the Challenging Star. “King 👑 is always a king.. And Boxoffice sultan is always a boxoffice Sultan..#DBoss.. No one can beat them.... Mind it all buckets😂and

@hombalefilms,” wrote one user.

“Like always, Son trying to inherit the title of his father story continues😂 Abhishek from Ambareesh, Ramcharan from Chiranjeevi and now Yash from DBoss 🔥But it's foolish to think that people will actually consider them with those titles🤣,” said another.

Several of the posts also trolled Yash incessantly. “Yavdo ond Cinema Inda. Yaro Obbru Director inda.

Yavdo Ond Production Inda. Over Night Star aagi.. Title Depkond Bandoralla Kanro ivru.. 😏

There Is One and Only sulthan And Boss For Box - Office 🔥It Is #DBoss - @dasadarshan,” wrote a Darshan fan.

In fact, even the official fan page of Darshan, took note of the post by Hombale Films and responded, “@hombalefilms People lacking Integrity can only come up with such cheap tricks to trigger fan wars Take a look back on the person who laid the stepping stone in the first place. Title rests with only those who deserve it Box Office Sultan is Darshan Thoogudeepa Srinivas.”