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Homestead teaser- The apocalyptic survival thriller tells the inspirational story of how the world began again

Director Ben Smallbone and Angel Studios bring to the audience a brand-new faith-based survival thriller, a one-of-its-kind dystopic drama that is both touching and inspiring.

Homestead teaser- The apocalyptic survival thriller tells the inspirational story of how the world began again
A still from the trailer of Homesstead

Last Updated: 02.49 AM, Jan 07, 2024


Homestead is going to be among the latest additions to the genre of dystopic cinema but will carry its own spin of the genre with it. Being another faith-based film, this is a classic decision on the part of Angel Studios, given that another faith-based film of theirs, Cabrini, is hitting the theatres on March 8, 2024.

Though Homestead’s release date is not decided yet, it is assured to be in 2024, thanks to the latest teaser trailer Angel Studios decided to drop on January 5. The teaser offers a proper first look at the intense post-apocalyptic chaos that reigns in a world that has crumbled and lacks enough resources.

Though the film focuses on the conflict inside The Homestead and its battle for survival against those on the outside, it also shows how people can form proper caring communities in times of adversity, in order to survive and thrive.


Based on the bestselling book franchise Black Autumn, Homestead is a survival drama that traces the struggle of protagonist Jeff Kirkham, an ex-Green Beret and head of security of The Homestead, and his family’s survival in a world trying to survive the aftermath of doomsday.

They take shelter, along with a dozen others, at Jeff’s workplace, which is a doomsday wealthy prepper, Jason Ross’s survival compound. But as time passes, secrets unravel, and resources grow scarce. Though initially jealousy and distrust reigns supreme, distancing and creating groups within The Homestead.

However, as time passes, the members of the apocalyptic-surviving compound come together as a single community to build something new together, instead of tearing everything apart like it is a competition unto death.

The film stars the likes of Yellowstone and Altered Carbon fame Neal McDonough as Jeff, as well as Den of Thieves actress Dawn Olivieri, Batwoman artist Jesse Hutch, The Shift’s Kevin Lawson, and Kearran Giovanni.

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