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Hostel Hudugaru Bekagiddare box office Day 2: Can the Boys churn out a new Kantara?

Hostel Hudugaru Bekagiddare box office Day 2: Can the Boys churn out a new Kantara?
Hostel Hudugaru Bekagiddare box office Day 2: Can the Boys churn out a new Kantara?
A still from Hostel Hudugaru Bekagiddare

Last Updated: 11.06 AM, Jul 23, 2023


The Hostel Hudugaru have run riot and how! Following a major blip in the way that they encountered only hours prior to the release, the film arrived in cinemas with a point to prove. It carried a lot of promise, no doubt, but one wished to see whether the hype could be backed by substance. And after two successful days at the box office, it is evident that Hostel Hudugaru Bekagiddare is worth all the fanfare.

According to the latest box office updates, Nithin Krishnamurthy's film opened in theatres on July 21 with close to Rs. 1 crore in gross collections. A slightly below-par start, one might opine, but the recent trend has strongly suggested that medium to small-scale films have witnessed a gradual rise over time - Kantara and the latest Malayalam blockbuster being two valid examples. Hostel Hudugaru Bekagiddare, in that regard, fits right into this bracket.

The film also benefits from all the positive reviews attracted both from critics and audiences. Nithin Krishnamurthy's film has been hailed as an extremely inventive effort that one does not get to see around often and cinematographer Arvind Kashyap, the huge ensemble cast and the central performances, too, have been underlined in these responses. 

Nithin Krishnamurthy informs OTTplay that 60 shows new theatrical shows were on Day #2 and another trade report reveals that the film grossed close to Rs. 2 crores on that day (Saturday). The two-day collections are now approximately Rs. 2.80 crores.

Another huge factor to consider is the presence of two major Hollywood releases, Oppenheimer and Barbie, in the mix. The former, a Christopher Nolan spectacle, began to show signs of becoming of blockbuster well before it hit the big screen. In two days alone, the biographical drama starring Cillian Murphy, Matt Damon, Emily Blunt, Robert Downey Jr. and others has grossed over Rs. 31 crores. 

Greta Gerwig's Barbie, starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, is said to have grossed a little over Rs. 11.50 crores at the Indian box office in two days. 

So, with such competition in its way, it is commendable that Hostel Hudugaru Bekagiddare has held its own so far and going by the current buzz, the film will continue to yield positive rewards. More than anything else, the Hudugaru have become a big source of respite for the Kannada cinema audiences following the lull of the first half of 2023.

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