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House Of The Dragon Season 2 - Daemon meets young Rhaenyra; what does this mean?

House Of The Dragon Season 2 Episode 3 came in with a shocking cameo and that does have a hidden meaning to it. 

House Of The Dragon Season 2 - Daemon meets young Rhaenyra; what does this mean?

Daemon Meets Young Rhaenyra

Last Updated: 04.51 PM, Jul 01, 2024


The sweet feeling of living with the mysteries of George R.R. Martin’s world is back in a full-blown manner. This morning we witnessed the third episode of House of the Dragon Season 2 that aired on Jio Cinema in India and HBO Max in the West. The new episode was still exploring the aftermath of the mistake that Blood & Cheese committed by killing Jaehaerys when the orders from Daemon were to kill Aemond. The last two episodes have been exploring the madness of Westeros after a mistake that has now pitched the family against each other in a more concrete way. But between all this, episode three has indeed turned out to be a banger when it comes to giving Daemon his realization moment. 

Milly Alcock’s Cameo

Just when the audience was coming to terms with the fact that Rhaenyra now has to plot the plan alone with Daemon having taken off on his dragon to Harrenhall, there came a scene that left us all shocked. If you haven't seen the episode, this is your second cue to back off. It was Milly Alcock who returned to play Rhaenyra and not in a flashback, but in a vision that Daemon saw in Harrenhall and it gave him the idea of the serious mistake he has committed.

Young Rhaenyra made him realize how he comes and goes, ending up making mistakes between that. That killing a child was not right. We see a broken Daemon. As per Screenrant, the director of the third episode of House of the Dragon, Geeta Vasant Patel, has now spoken about the scene and its relevance. “At least in my eyes, that's what it was. ‘That's the Rhaenyra I know’" And in that dream, she looks at him — and the way we talked about it is she doesn't need to say anything. We just worked on the look; the meaning that comes from all the episodes before she looks at him, and she cuts him. She says, ‘Hey, you killed a boy. You don't do that.’”

House Of The Dragon Still
House Of The Dragon Still

She went on to explain how people have told the same thing to Daemon over and over again but when Young Rhaenyra says it to him, it is the very first time he feels it. He is now processing his actions even though he has been killing people since the beginning of the show. There is a feeling of regret in him for the very first time. The idea was to bring out that regret as per Patel, who said she was discussing it all the time because this is not a situation you have seen Daemon in ever.

Matt Smith’s Retakes

House of the Dragon Season 2 Episode 3 director Geeta Vasant Patel also spoke about a specific scene where Matt Smith, who plays Daemon Targaryen, took many takes to do that scene perfectly. But when Milly Alcock looked at him as Rhaenyra, his face broke, and that was a magic scene. Calling him a hardworking actor, she recalled, “I just saw his hands loosen, and I saw the tear in his eye. Then I had a tear in my eye because we both felt it. Even the crew got emotional at that moment. And it wasn't about House of the Dragon, it was about making a mistake that you deeply regret that hurt somebody else. It's just that simple. That's what I love about working on this show. I like to think that it is a documentary with dragons. We always try to make it feel real; like something we can relate to.”

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