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Iconic movie scenes featuring Vijay Raaz

From Dhamaal to Delhi Belly, Vijay Raaz has been part of some hilarious movie scenes which have now been etched onto people's minds.

Iconic movie scenes featuring Vijay Raaz

Last Updated: 03.13 PM, Apr 07, 2021


He is the guy who made Kauwa biryani famous. He is also the guy who you remember as the man who gave instructions without a manual. He is none other than Vijay Raaz, an actor who does not need words to talk about a situation.

Did you know? Naseeruddin Shah noticed his talent at the National School of Drama. The veteran actor then recommended Raaz's name to Mahesh Mathai for Bhopal Express and Mira Nair for Monsoon Wedding. The latter became a hit and paved way for the actor's career.

Raaz was then recognized for his role in Run, and later, in Delhi Belly. In his two-decade career, the actor has worked in nearly 90 films and web shows. Naturally, he also has some iconic scenes from the movies and shows.

Here are a few of them...

Aapke saamne ek laal button hoga: Dhamaal

Raaz as DK described the word Dhamaal. He came in the form of ground staff who waited too long to help Boman and Nari Contractor (played by Ashish Choudhary and Asrani respectively).

Stuck in a plane without a captain, they make a distress call which is answered by DK Malik. He over-explains everything without understanding the situation. Thus, when the father-son duo ask him how to land, Malik ends up talking about the red button without explaining that it is a button to be cautioned from. The situation only turns out to be more intense and yet hilarious.


Dhamaal was the story of four friends on a quest to find money hidden by a don who died in front of them. However, things are not as easy as they appear.

The film can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video.

Sir yeh toh tatti hai: Delhi Belly

Another hilarious scene featuring Raaz, took place in Delhi Belly. In the role of Somayajulu, the actor played a mafia who does not take shit.

Ironically enough, he gets shit delivered right to his doorstep. Expecting diamonds, Somayajulu places a red cloth on the table and cleans it well. However, when he empties the contents he received, it was crap, literally.

On seeing that, Pradeep Kabra, who plays the role of Somayajulu's henchman Brajesh, says, "Sir yeh toh tatti hai."

The scene has become iconic in more ways than one.

Delhi Belly is the story of three friends who are stuck in a mess without realizing they are in one. How they deal with the situation, is what makes the rest of the film.

The movie can be viewed on Netflix India.

Kauwa biryani: Run

The 'Kauwa biryani' scene is what made Raaz popular among the common people.

As a (chicken) biryani fan, Ganesh from Run cannot resist the temptation when he finds biryani for Rs. 5.

Some time later, Ganesh makes crow noises every time he burps. Upon inquiring further, Ganesh realizes what he thought was chicken biryani, was actually 'kauwa biryani' (crow biryani). His reaction upon learning the same is priceless.

The story is based on two lovers - Siddharth and Jhanvi (played by Abhishek Bachchan and Bhumika Chawla). Upset with their love, the latter's brother Ganpat (Mahesh Manjrekar) plots to kill her lover. Ganesh plays Siddharth's friend in the movie.

Run can be streamed on Zee5.

Kaun hai tu: Gully Boy

Raaz has become more popular in the recent times. His role as Murad Ahmed (Ranveer Singh)'s father Aftab Sheikh played a huge impact.

The character was of a father who believed in living life the practical way (in other words, he believed it was safe to continue struggling for others than believing and investing in yourself).

He was a reflection of the previous generation who constantly asked "Kaun Hai Tu?"

Gully Boy was the story of Naezy, who dared to dream big despite living under poor conditions in Mumbai's Bandra East. He believed in himself and followed his dream to make it big in music along with the support of his gang.

The film can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video.

Do chaar English shabd bolne se aap acche vyapari nahi ban jaate: Made In Heaven

Raaz's Jauhari was a character who knew business even without studying it. However, more than often, he was faced with situations where he had to deal with people who underestimate him.

Jauahari always knew how to get back at those people. In one such moment, he reminded the person underestimating him, that learning English is not the only skill requred to conduct business. His dialogue especially holds true since not every person conducting business speaks English himself/herself.

Made In Heaven was a show based on the life of wedding planners, who have to balance a life within work, keep the unmarried couple happy and yet find time for their own life. The show highlights how more often than not, the day-to-day situation impacts their own life.

The web show is an Amazon Prime Video original.

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