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Imran Khan REVEALS about battling depression, being skinny, stopping workouts and much more

The actor wrote a heartfelt note on social media

Imran Khan REVEALS about battling depression, being skinny, stopping workouts and much more
PC: Instagram

Last Updated: 01.10 PM, Oct 06, 2023


How can anyone forget the boyish charm that actor Imran Khan exuded in his debut film ‘Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na’. He was not the stereotypical and quintessential Bollywood hero with chiselled physique, still, he managed to carve his space in Bollywood. It was in the year 2015, when he had starred in the film ‘Katti Batti’, a film that did not do as expected at the box office. Post that, there was no news about Imran Khan and his upcoming projects. Only recently, there was a buzz that he is now all set to make a comeback in Bollywood.

Today, Imran Khan took to social media and wrote a long post, in which he seemed to have poured his heart out as he spoke about him being skinny, battling depression amongst other things. In his post, Imran Khan started off with a confession stating that he had always been skinny and one of those hyper-metabolic people whose body just burns through whatever he consumes. He looked back in time during his late teens when he saw guys around him started joining gyms and working out, he was wearing a ‘S’ size T-shirt, whose sleeves were loose!

While referring to his popular character Jai Singh Rathore of ‘Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na’, Imran Khan said that he didn't need to be muscular to play the said role and that’s why his character mostly wore two layers of clothing throughout the film as he knew that he was too skinny (for the said character). He also revealed that, despite the fact that he had hit the gym for his next film ‘Kidnap’, he was always told to beef up furthermore as the heroines were looking bigger than him, because of his ‘little boy’ look.

He then spoke about exercise which was doubled up with nutrition that was 6 meals a day, chicken breast, egg whites, sweet potato, oats, flax seeds and much more. At the same time, he also confessed that, despite all that, he couldn’t match up his biceps with the heroes he saw onscreen. Even though without mentioning anything directly, he did cryptically touch upon the aspects of supplements and anabolic steroids!

And while referring to his recent years, Imran Khan confessed to have fought depression, post which, he stopped working out., which not just led to him becoming skinnier, but also gave rise to a speculation about drug abuse. The actor ended his post stating that, presently, he is working out with his friend who is concerned about his health and who feeds him with walnuts and turmeric. The actor also confessed that, while he still feels jealous about the dudes (onscreen heroes) with superhero muscles, he doesn’t feel bad about himself.

As for his professional front, Imran Khan is yet to make an announcement about his comeback film.

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