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Indian OTT hasn’t even reached the level of Game of Thrones and 24, here’s why Arbaaz Khan feels so | Exclusive

Arbaaz Khan's Patna Shuklla is out on OTT now

Indian OTT hasn’t even reached the level of Game of Thrones and 24, here’s why Arbaaz Khan feels so | Exclusive

Last Updated: 12.31 AM, Apr 02, 2024


Ever since India has ventured into the OTT space, the lines between Indian content and International ones keep getting blurred day-in and day-out. If Hollywood has Game of Thrones, India has Sacred Games. Arbaaz Khan, who produced Patna Shuklla recently, said that Indian OTT has not even reached the level of GoT or 24. The actor-filmmaker explains the reason behind his statement.

“Today, there are so many actors that have come from OTT and become big actors in cinema, so this whole concept about okay OTT is lesser than you know cinema and all I think that that lines are going to get blurred,” he said.

Arbaaz then said that while Indian OTT shows will get big, they’re no competition to the International ones. He mentioned, “OTT projects are going to get very big. OTT web shows are going to get very big. Look at something like Game Of Thrones or look at any of these big shows like 24. They started so many years back, now what is the magnitude of those shows! We've not even reached there.”

Game Of Thrones: Bloodmoon Glimpses Leak Online
Game Of Thrones: Bloodmoon Glimpses Leak Online

Arbaaz then explained why by adding, “Our top most films don't have a budget. So, we will also reach there, today or tomorrow because we are making an audience. So, OTT is going to be very big for sure. There will be OTT stars, there will be OTT films that are going to be like big canvas films and all that. So, I think it’s there to stay.”

Pointing out how there was no option of releasing on OTT till a few years back and how now the makers get to choose and make their decision, he noted, “I think certain films now, it's becoming easy to distinguish between what could be a theatrical film and what should be an OTT film or OTT-friendly film. Four or five years ago, there was no concept of that. Any film you made, you had to release it in theatres. But now, there's an option that you can release some films on OTT and it will have the same viewership and success.”


Finally giving an answer to those who believe in the superiority of theatrical releases over OTT film, Arbaaz said, “I don’t see OTT go anywhere and I think to dismiss it and say that your film is coming on OTT so it is not worthy of cinema or whatever, it’s not like that. I think it’s just that we choose to put this because that’s where we feel it’s going to have the maximum amount of viewership.”

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