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Indraneil Sengupta talks about his marriage and rumoured relationship with Ishaa Saha

The actor will debut as Feluda in Sandip Ray’s Hatyapuri which will be released on Friday

Indraneil Sengupta talks about his marriage and rumoured relationship with Ishaa Saha
Indraneil Sengupta

Last Updated: 10.52 PM, Dec 20, 2022


Indraneil Sengupta grew up in Gujarat, but he could not severe his bond with Bengal. Despite keeping a busy schedule in Mumbai, he works in the Bengali film industry whenever he gets a good offer. And now, he will be seen in his dream role: Feluda. This opportunity of playing the role of the iconic detective of Bengali literature is a milestone in Indraneil's career. Hatyapuri is going to be released on Friday. However, for the last few months, his personal life is also at the centre of discussion. 

Last year, it came to light that Indraneil and his wife Barkha Bisht Sengupta were staying apart. What was the reason for breaking up their 13-year relationship? The chemistry between Indraneil and Ishaa Saha has been much discussed regarding this. It is rumoured that Indraneil and the Sweater actress have started seeing each other since they worked together in Tarulotar Bhut. Is it really true? It is also said that during the shooting of Feluda, Indraneil regularly chatted with Ishaa over video calls. The actor now opens up regarding the rumour. 

In a recent interview, Indtraneil said, “I also heard of such things. However, I did not comment, and neither did Ishaa. If a third person spreads rumour about us, we have nothing to say.” he also added, “No one apart from me knows who I am chatting with. I am not that fool. I do not like the mentality of intruding on someone else’s personal life.” 

Ishaa and Indraneil worked together in the film Tarulatar Bhut. They supposedly got close in the set and that created Indraneil's rift with Barkha, whom he married on March 1, 2008. Their relationship is undoubtedly going astray.

What did he say about his separation from Barkha? Hatyapuri’s hero answered, “I do not want to comment on this issue.” But their daughter Meera stays with both of them, said Indraneil. Meera is very much attached to both of them. 

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