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Indubala Bhaater Hotel: Singer Jayati Chakraborty asks the young generation to keep faith alive

The veteran singer expressed her disappointment after her song goes missing from the show though the director assured her that it will come in the latter half 

Indubala Bhaater Hotel: Singer Jayati Chakraborty asks the young generation to keep faith alive
Jayati Chakraborty

Last Updated: 12.46 PM, Mar 23, 2023


Debaloy Bhattacharya’s Indubala Bhater Hotel has been at the center of discussion since its announcement. With Subhashree Ganguly debuting in the OTT space with this series that is based on Kallol Lahiri’s novel, it attracted attention, discussions, criticism, and controversies. However, the series is again at the centre of debates from Tuesday night. Veteran singer Jayati Chakraborty expressed her disappointment in deleting her song from the series. However, Debaloy Bhattacharya clarified that it was not removed, it will be in the next part. Now, Jayati Chakraborty expressed her opinions about the music world in a recent interview given to a news media. 


Regarding the loss of trust in the recent music arena, Jayati clearly said that she does not want to lose faith because music is a matter of faith to her. She said that if you lose faith, the song’s word does not touch the heart, irrespective of whether it is Tagore's song or any other. Jayati also said that nothing can be done without faith. 

Regarding the artists' income, Jayati said that sometimes they get a one-time payment, and sometimes royalty. She said that HMV still owes Rs. 332 as royalty to her. She also got a one-time payment for singing for some YouTube channels. But, in her words, a one-time payment is risky. You do not know how many people the song reaches. If the song gets successful, the artist has to be happy with their payment, and the producers make a profit. The opposite is also true. If it does not get success, the producers make a loss. Jayati thinks that presently the way of earning for the artists is difficult. Also, another way of earning is the programs. Though royalty is more respectable, many artists want a one-time payment. Because the old trust in music is not working, and that is the reality. 

She said that they walked a long way, but the next generation will find it more difficult to earn their livelihood by investing full-time in music. Perhaps many of them will do a job and continue music side by side. This is risky for those who are solely dependent on music. 

Regarding the digital world's music, Jayati said that today a song is judged by its views. Money comes, but it does not come according to what someone deserves. Copyright is another problem, according to her. Hence money is not generated that much for remakes of the songs. Jayati said that people are making reels and short videos, playing keyboards in their homes, and uploading these on YouTube. In her words, this needs intelligence, not artistry. 

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