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Insidious: The Red Door ending explained – Josh and Dalton team up to faceoff Lipstick-Face Demon

Insidious: The Red Door ending explained – Insidious 5 is a direct sequel to Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013) and the fifth installment in the supernatural horror franchise

Insidious: The Red Door ending explained – Josh and Dalton team up to faceoff Lipstick-Face Demon
insidious 5

Last Updated: 07.15 PM, Jun 01, 2024


Insidious: The Red Door, or Insidious 5, is a direct sequel to Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013) and the fifth installment in the supernatural horror franchise. The movie was actor Patrick Wilson’s directorial debut, as he continued to shine in his prominent role as Josh Lambert. Despite mixed critical reviews, Insidious 5 became the highest grossing film of the franchise. The ensemble cast features Wilson, Ty Simpkins, Rose Byrne, Andrew Astor, Steve Coulter, Joseph Bishara, Whannell, Angus Sampson, and Lin Shaye reprising their characters from the previous films.

Insidious: The Red Door Plot

Insidious 5 continues the story of Chapter 2 and is set in 2019. It revolves around the Lambert family and their strained relationships as they deal with their mysterious past. Josh Lambert is on the verge of losing his mind as he grapples with his wiped-off memories and a mysterious void in The Further. His repressed memories complicate his relationships, leading to a divorce with wife Renai and an estranged relationship with son Dalton. It also centres around Dalton’s college life as he begins as an arts freshman but gets unwittingly attracted to the demon world or the eponymous red door.


How can Josh save his son from the red-faced demon?

Dalton’s art class and his creative imagination lead him to the demon world as he unknowingly opens the red door portal. When Dalton learns of his astral projection abilities, he tries it with some video assistance and the help of his roommate Chris, only to get entangled in the supernatural forces’ trap. One of the evil spirits possesses Dalton, and he tries to strangle Chris but he is saved by his father Josh as he travels to The Further to save his son.

Who seals the red door in the end and what does it mean?

In a surprising twist of events, Dalton solves the red door mystery just in time to save his father, Josh. When he returns to the present after Josh saves him from the red-faced demon by almost sacrificing himself, Dalton realises that he must shut the door once and for all. In an alternate reality, Josh is seen struggling to keep the door closed and keep the monster inside, but is almost seen giving up with a faint vision of his father, Ben, helping him from the other world.


Dalton, on the other side, finds the door where he drew the red door and begins filling the door with the colour black, similar to sealing it with his mind power. In the end, Josh is seen coming back to life in reality as his family anxiously awaits his return. His ex-wife and children hug and cherish him.

Insidious 5’s ending

Insidious 5’s ending is about family reunion and reconciliation as it explores the themes of sacrifice and fatherhood. In an ironic ending, both Josh and Ben choose the same fate of self-sacrifice for their child. It also hints at a possible reunion for the Lambert family as Josh promises to join a family dinner and becomes overwhelmed by Dalton’s artistic gift as he paints a picture of The Further with a young Josh saving little Dalton from the demon.

However, in a post-credit scene, the sealed door to The Further hints at making a comeback as the light over it continues to flicker, leaving you with an eerie feeling.

The Lambert family finally finds closure

Insidious 5 has a happy and satisfying ending as the Lambert family makes peace with their troubled pasts, finally moving past their traumas and healing emotionally by accepting reality and their choices. In the end, Josh and Dalton are seen embracing their father-son relationship after they both save each other in alternate realities. Thus mending their broken ties and strengthening the Lambert family bond, with each one of them finding closure in their own way.

While Josh understands why his father Ben abandoned him and forgives him, he also gets a vision of the psychic Elise as her spirit visiting Josh to advise him to keep working for greatness and a better future. Despite his faded memories, he can feel that she was a good soul.

Meanwhile, Dalton also forgives his father for his deadly attack during his childhood after his astral projection to the portal, where he witnessed that it was not Josh who attacked his family but his evil possession.

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