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Ipshita Mukherjee opens up about her divorce with Arnab Banerjee

Ipshita Mukherjee and Arnab Banerjee tied the knot at the beginning of 2022

Ipshita Mukherjee opens up about her divorce with Arnab Banerjee
Arnab Banerjee and Ipshita Mukherjee

Last Updated: 12.23 PM, Jul 06, 2024


Actors Arnab Banerjee and Ipshita Mukherjee started dating on the set of the serial Alo Chhaya. They tied the knot at the beginning of 2022. At one time, they had some issues in their relationship and hence they did not have a social wedding, which was set to be held in December 2022. 

They came close again, but that also did not work out. The rumor of their separation has been on the air in Tollywood for some time. Arnab confirmed the news on Friday and said that they filed for a divorce. 

Regarding the divorce, Ipshita told Hindustan Times Bangla, “We have been separated for a long time. The divorce proceedings are going on. We had no social marriage, but just a registry. We are having a mutual divorce. Many such things happen in life. I wish good for Arnab.” 

People recently saw the couple as a brother-in-law and his sister-in-law in the serial Jol Thoi Thoi Bhalobasha. Will she work again with Arnab? Ipshita said, “The separation happened while working in Jol Thoi Thoi Bhalobasha. I would not have worked with him if it happened before. Work is my top priority. I don't want my personal life to affect my work. I did not let anyone understand my painful state of mind. The separation is my personal issue, but since the serial is going on, hence the show must go on. It was difficult for me. If any offer to work together comes now, I don't know, truly…” 

They started life together loving each other. Why this divorce? Ipshita said 'This is a personal and sensitive matter. When two people are in a relationship, they don't start it to end. One has to agree to the other's decision, the other has to respect one's problems. You can't keep a relationship with force. I tried a lot. Since it is not happening it is meaningless to talk about problems, analyze them, blame the other, and talk about hurt feelings. I went through a sheer bad time. I had to work hard to come to this state of mind. If I talk about the divorce today, that can jeopardize my mental peace. I don't want to say anything.  I want him to stay well.'

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