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Iron Lung trailer- It is the tale of an execution, not an expedition

In a surprising turn of fate, Iron Lung, the famous video game's film adaptation is getting a theatrical release. Starring YouTuber Markiplier, the horror feature is also produced and directed by him.

Iron Lung trailer- It is the tale of an execution, not an expedition
First look at Mark Fischbach in Iron Lung

Last Updated: 03.10 AM, Dec 11, 2023


The 2022 indie horror game, Iron Lung, developed by David Syzmanski, finally gets its own feature film. Not only that, but the film will also be released theatrically on an unknown date, as of yet. Directed, produced, and starred in the lead role by beloved YouTuber Markiplier, better known to friends and family as Mark Fischbach, the much-anticipated film dropped its first teaser trailer in April 2023, before dropping a second longer one in October.

The first teaser trailer simply creates a sense of anxiety and claustrophobia in the audience, in order to offer a sample of the actual course to come. Dropping on April 21, the teaser trailer simply showed the submarine, Iron Lung, begin its vital descent into a desolate moon’s ocean of blood, that is expected to carry certain vital nutrients that can give a kickstart to humanity, if they seek to inhabit a planet again.


However, things start going wrong as the submarine descends, in order to give rise to humanity’s worse nightmares in the video game, as well as the film. Being stuck in a dark, unconnected submarine that is descending deeper into an ocean of blood, the convict has no choice but to embrace his fate. And that is where the real story begins.

As a convict sent on a mission, Mark Fischbach’s look is only partially revealed in the second trailer, which dropped on October 10. It begins with a spectacular transition shot, shifting from a galaxy of stars to a man submerged in blood, getting up.

Despite acknowledging his fate and not having hope, the character is determined to not give in to the creatures and entities of the moon AT-5, and this in turn, creates a unique sense of paranoia and opportunities for multiple jump scares for the audience.

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