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Robert Downey Jr’s return to Harrison Ford’s Red Hulk details – 5 Captain America 4 rumours that have left us excited

‘Iron Man’ Robert Downey Jr’s return to Harrison Ford’s Red Hulk details – 5 Captain America 4 rumours that have left us anticipated
Robert Downey Jr’s return to Harrison Ford’s Red Hulk details – 5 Captain America 4 rumours that have left us excited
Captain America 4 rumours

Last Updated: 06.42 PM, Dec 24, 2023


Any cinema fan across the globe needs to have some crazy level of discipline and zen to not be curious about what is happening at Marvel Studios at the moment. The studio that has pushed all its theatrical releases beyond 2024, with only one film releasing next year, now wants quality over quantity. One movie that got pushed for a long time in this shuffle is Captain America: Brave New World, aka, Captain America 4. There is a long wait, and Anthony Mackie is not even expected to make any cameos before that.

So how does one stay calm when there are some very crazy rumours floating about the project? Ever since the movie went on floors, the rumour mill has been working overtime to churn out alleged details. Considering that this is the first time Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson will take up the job of Captain America in the film timeline, there is no way we cannot be excited.

As we see rumours about Harrison Ford’s Red Hulk and how the character will be, let’s look back and list down the five biggest rumours about the fourth instalment.

Harrison Ford's Red Hulk

We already know Harrison Ford has joined Captain America: Brave New World to play Thunderbolt Ross. But we have also heard that at some point Ross will turn into Red Hulk. However, the latest claims by X handle @CanWeGetSomeToast come in as a massive surprise as they say the Red Hulk in the Anthony Mackie starrer will be comic book accurate. It is also revealed that he will burst into flames and will get so hot that he will even end up melting Sam Wilson’s vibranium wings. Well, well, well!

Harrison Ford to play Red Hulk
Harrison Ford to play Red Hulk

Robert Downey Jr. Returning

Robert Downey Jr over the past five years has only been asked one question - will he return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe to play Iron Man? The curiosity to know this and the demand to get him back is so high that we won’t be even surprised if the studio decides to bring him, succumbing to fan pressure. Adding to that analysis, it was reported a long time ago that Robert was spotted on the sets of Captain America: Brave New World, and the scooper Nawar Shora, who shared it on LinkedIn back in the day, was pretty sure about it.


The Serpent Society

Captain America: Brave New World is surely turning out to be a movie different than everything we have seen so far. So when the rumour broke out that Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Val is not just any character but a part of The Serpent Society, and the team will make their live-action debut as the villains took us by storm. Scooper Jeff Sneider on The Hot Mic podcast had said, “I’ve heard that she’s in the movie… In 'New World Order'… working along five other villains to form the group, the Serpent Society… and their main mission is to obtain a special metal that is not Vibranium.”

Eternals Connection

It is being said that the main plot in Captain America: Brave New World, aka Captain America 4, will be an international conflict for a newly found metal Adamantium. Do you wonder where it came from? Remember the celestial Eternals stopped from rising to save Earth? Well, his dead body is now Tiamut Island, and Adamantium is extracted from it. It will become the main plot of the movie and it will be the location where the film will be set.

Chris Evans Returns

While it feels nearly impossible, it is said that Chris Evans might come back for Captain America: Brave New World in a brief appearance. However, nothing more has been revealed about it. However, Chris himself has denied it, and as Comicbook said, "It's tough because look, I love that role deeply. I think there's more Steve Rogers stories [to] tell, sure. But at the same time, I'm very, very precious with it. I'd become, you know... it's like this little shiny thing that I have that I love so much, and I just don't want to mess up in any way, and I was a part of something that was so special for a special period of time and in a way, it really landed so well."

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