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Is Madhumita Sarcar shifting base to Mumbai?

Cheeni-actress Madhumita Sarcar will be exploring options in Mumbai and the South

Is Madhumita Sarcar shifting base to Mumbai?
Madhumita Sarcar

Last Updated: 08.00 PM, May 12, 2024


As it seems, Cheeni-actress Madhumita Sarcar is going national. After working in the Bengali film and television industry for years, the actress is all set to initiate her career in Mumbai. Meanwhile, she is also keeping an eye on the South Indian industry.

Madhumita has recently been selected for a Hindi film. She is going to Mumbai for a workshop and language training. However, the actress said that she did not want to reveal anything about the film.

As per reports, Madhumita is actually going to Mumbai for several projects. She has an offer for a Hindi web series as well. In an interview with Anandabazar Online, she said, “I got selected on the initial level. Now I have to audition. I might not get selected and hence I don't want to talk about anything right now.”

The director of Madhumita's Hindi film is a newcomer. The film revolves around AI's popularity in people's lives in the post-Covid scenario. Why Mumbai? Madhumita said, “I had wished for a long time. But I never tried it by going to Mumbai.” Madhumita thanked social media for getting the offer. She talked about an incident last year. “A reel of my film Cheeni went viral. The director saw the reel and contacted me,” she said.

Madhumita claimed that she has always prioritised novel ideas while selecting a film. She said, “I watch films in different languages. Hence I wish to work in those industries. Working in new languages is always a challenge.” Will she now concentrate more on Bollywood? Madhumita smiled, “Never. There is arrogance in saying that ‘I am leaving Bengal’. I can never say that. I will definitely work if I get a good offer.”

Madhumita also wants to target the South Indian industry. She already acted in a Telugu film. She said that she was offered a big-budget Tamil film. “But nothing is confirmed yet. I will know about them with time. I will give my hundred percent,” she said.

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