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Is Munna Bhai 3 on? Dunki director Rajkumar Hirani confirms he wants to make it and even has ideas - Here’s everything he said

Rajkumar Hirani made his debut as a director with Munna Bhai MBBS and fans have been waiting for Munna Bhai 3 for a long time. 

Is Munna Bhai 3 on? Dunki director Rajkumar Hirani confirms he wants to make it and even has ideas - Here’s everything he said
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Last Updated: 05.49 PM, Dec 31, 2023


Director Rajkumar Hirani has been making headlines for almost everything he has been doing recently. The filmmaker saw the release of his Shah Rukh Khan-starrer Dunki this month, and the movie is having a slow but good run at the box office. However, even after working with Shah Rukh Khan, one question that continues to follow him is, 'When is he making Munna Bhai 3?' So he decided to finally confirm that he indeed wants to make the film.

The filmmaker, who has delivered only blockbusters in his two-decade career, is keen on making a third installment to his debut film as a director. In a recent interview, he mentioned that he wants to make Munna Bhai 3 and has a lot of ideas that he has shared with Sanjay Dutt. However, he hasn't found the perfect one yet. The filmmaker revealed that he doesn't want it to be substandard.

Rajkumar Hirani on Munna Bhai 3

According to Pinkvilla, Rajkumar Hirani said, “Even I want to make one more, but I’ve been generally struggling with a script for a long time. I have many unfinished Munna Bhai scripts lying with me, and Sanju (Sanjay Dutt) keeps calling often, saying let’s make this film.”

The filmmaker said he definitely wants to do the film, but doesn’t want to do anything substandard just for the sake of it. “...because if you make any Munna Bhai film, thinking that people would come to see any Munna Bhai film, it’s not like that,” he said. “So, I’m just struggling with a script. I have one great idea. At the idea level, it's very great, but it still has to be fleshed out and etched out. So, of course, Sanju, yes, we will make it someday,” he added.

Is Dunki similar to Munna Bhai Chale America?

He mentioned that he is free now and can sit on the scripts to choose what suits Munna Bhai 3 the most. The filmmaker also spoke about the biggest curiosity that many had - Is Dunki similar to the idea of Munna Bhai Chale America? He clarified, “No, that was a completely different story. That story was basically, in a nutshell, about George Bush, who had made some anti-Muslim statements at that time. The whole story was these guys got very upset with it and said, ‘Hum jaate hain George Bush ko pakad ke India le kar aate hain (We’ll go to America and bring George Bush to India)’. So it was a story like that.”


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