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Is Vaishnavi Gowda hitched? Actress reacts to engagement rumours

The actress and Bigg Boss contestant says that she hasn't agreed to get married yet 

Is Vaishnavi Gowda hitched? Actress reacts to engagement rumours

The picture of Vaishnavi Gowda that has gone viral 

Last Updated: 04.05 PM, Nov 23, 2022


A picture of actress and Bigg Boss contestant Vaishnavi Gowda from what looks like her engagement ceremony has been doing the rounds online. 

In the picture, which looks like it was taken at a house, Vaishnavi is seen wearing a traditional saree and a garland around her neck, standing besides a man — Vidhyabharana, an actor and businessman based in Bengaluru — who also has a garland around his neck. They are accompanied by a few people, one of them being retired police officer Shankar Bidari, who is seen standing besides Vidhyabharana.

The picture is being widely circulated on social media platforms, with many people congratulating Vaishnavi and Vidhyabharana. It is being speculated that the actress got engaged quiety, in a small ceremony at home. 

It may be recalled that during her time in the Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 house, Vaishnavi had spoken a lot about wanting to get married. As a result of this, the actress was apparently flooded with marriage offers once she exited the house. And it looks like something seems to have materialised.

Speaking to Public TV, Vaishnavi refuted the rumour, saying that she isn't engaged. Asked about the picture, the actress said that it wasn't from an engagement ceremony. It was taken when Vidhyabharana's family visited Vaishnavi and her family. The actress added that it is an arranged match. "I have not agreed to get married yet. Since he is someone that my family has picked, I need time to get to know him before agreeing to get married," Vaishnavi told Public TV.

Vaishnavi is best remembered as Sannidhi from the hit Kannada series, Agnisakshi. She has starred in films like Bharjari Comedy and Bahukrita Vesham. She was a contestant on Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8. Vidhyabharana was the leading man in the 2018 film, Viraaj.

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