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'It's my desire to break Malashree ma'am's records': Kranti actress Rachita Ram

"Would love to share screen space with Malashree ma'am," says Rachita

'It's my desire to break Malashree ma'am's records': Kranti actress Rachita Ram
Rachita Ram on Malashree

Last Updated: 04.28 PM, Jan 18, 2023


For Rachita Ram, working on Kranti was like a homecoming. Having begun her career along with Darshan Thoogudeepa with Bulbul, the actress has come a long way over the last ten years and it would be safe to say that she is among the top actresses of Sandalwood today. Having sought Darshan's guidance and support all along, Rachita has evolved to be her own person in these years.

"I still remember my audition for Bulbul and the fact that I wasn't super keen on becoming an actress. I didn't try very hard to impress the team either because it didn't seem so important to me to get selected. But somehow I was destined to be in Bulbul and continue working in this profession as an actress. I am enjoying this today and thanks to the entire team for this," said Rachita Ram in her recent chat with Kannada Picchar.

And interestingly, as she points out, many saw a striking resemblance between her and former superstar actress Malashree right at the beginning. 

"I remember someone noticing my dimple and the fact that I have overlapping teeth, just like Malashree ma'am did! And I was a very big fan of Malashree ma'am - or should I say 'senior'. She, too, feels very happy about my success and the kind of films I am doing - in fact, it's my desire to break her records. She has ruled the industry for 20 years straight and I have completed 10 years already. But when it comes to the 'heroine-centric' concept, no one else can inspire you as much as she can. Quite literally, her movies would take off the way male actors' movies did - she, too, acknowledges that. I was recently on the sets of 'D56' and her daughter (Radhana Ram) consulted me a couple of times about a particular shot, and my response was simple: 'you follow your mother. Watch all her movies, all her songs - be it for the way she dressed, the expressions, or the acting. Watch all your mum's films because they are a university on their own and we did just that'."

Turns out, Rachita is also very keen on sharing the screen space with Malashree, whom she fondly refers to as 'namm senior'. Having worked with Shruti and Sudharani already, she reckons that it's time she worked with Malashree. "Of late there are so many women-centric films and I have told her that we must work on a film with good content. She got very excited and even said that she would be producing it!"

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