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Jada Pinkett Smith REVEALED that she was shocked when Will Smith called her ‘wife’

Jada Pinkett Smith is gearing herself up to release her memoir

Jada Pinkett Smith REVEALED that she was shocked when Will Smith called her ‘wife’


Last Updated: 11.05 PM, Oct 13, 2023


Every year, the Oscar Awards only gets bigger and bigger in terms of the audience and the reach. Even though every year, the Oscar awards is a memorable event in itself, the one that took place last year (2022), attracted many eyeballs for more than one and made headlines. Those who have watched the prestigious awards ceremony will recall the sudden and impromptu altercation that took place between Will Smith and the show’s host Chris Rock.

For the unversed, let us tell you that the said (infamous) incident had happened during the 94th Academy Awards ceremony which was held on March 27, 2022. Just as when the show’s host Chris Rock was hosting the awards, there was an unintentional joke that he had made about Jada Pinkett Smith’s head. To which, Will Smith went up on the stage and to everyone’s shock, he landed up slapping Chris Rock… in front of everyone present there! Will Smith also told (read ‘warned’) Chris Rock to keep his wife’s name out of his mouth. For the unversed, the reason for Jada Pinkett Smith’s bald head was because she had been suffering from Alopecia Areata. Also, she and Will Smith had been separated a long time ago.

In a recent interview with NBC News prime-time special, Jada Pinkett Smith went on to reveal that, since she had not been addressed as ‘wife’ by Will Smith for a long time, she was surprised when he said so in front of everyone. She told in the interview that she was really shocked because they both (will Smith and her) had not called each other husband and wife in a long time and that she was wondering as to what was going on.

The latest update on Jada Pinkett Smith is that she is now all set to release her memoir titled ‘Worthy’, which is touted to be something that will be gripping and also painfully honest.

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