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Jadavpur University student death: Soham Chakraborty reacts sharply

The actor said that the university authorities will need to take the responsibility 

Jadavpur University student death: Soham Chakraborty reacts sharply
Soham Chakraborty

Last Updated: 12.50 PM, Aug 17, 2023


The death of a minor student due to ragging at Jadavpur University Main Hostel has left everyone in shock. Agitation and protest meetings have been taking place at every corner of the state ever since the news broke in the wee hours of August 10. 

Now, actor-turned-MLA Soham Chakraborty spoke on the matter. He was questioned regarding the issue on Wednesday by the media and he answered, “I am appalled at the incident. The perpetrators should get exemplary punishment.” 

The actor also said, “We all have been students at some point in time. As a citizen, I would say these are criminals who reach their ulterior motive in the disguise of students.” Soham said, “They are actually ‘psycho’ patients. Ragging is not a compulsory subject. It is not something that can save the country. The JU student was killed today. Many people have been killed before. It happened because of these psycho killers.” 

Soham unequivocally stated that the university authorities should take responsibility for this incident. “The university authority should have taken the strictest measures. It should be ensured that outsiders can not enter the campus. It should also be ensured that those who passed have left the campus. We can not take the law into our hands against those who torture their juniors. But the incidents make me feel that they should be let loose among the public,” he said.

The actor further added, “We are ashamed of them. Those handfuls of guys have tarnished all students. Everyone must remember that they will be punished if they rag.”' Soham, who is the MLA of Chanditala, has requested the intellectuals to come down to the street and protest. 

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