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January 2023 Week 4 OTT movies, web series India releases: From An Action Hero, Ayali to Dhamaka, Jaanbaaz Hindustan Ke

In the third week of January 2023, there will be a lot of Telugu, Spanish, Hindi, Tamil, English, and German movies and TV shows coming out on OTT platforms.

January 2023 Week 4 OTT movies, web series India releases: From An Action Hero, Ayali to Dhamaka, Jaanbaaz Hindustan Ke
An Action Hero; Ayali; Dhamaka; Jaanbaaz Hindustan Ke
  • Aishwarya Vasudevan

Last Updated: 07.34 AM, Jan 22, 2023


Less than 10 days are left until January 2023 ends, but leading OTT platforms are leaving no stone unturned in releasing interesting titles in the fourth week. Along with the new titles, Netflix is releasing 18 Pages, An Action Hero, and Dhamaka on their platform after a successful theatrical run. The OTT giant is also premiering the documentary Black Sunshine Baby on Tuesday. While ZEE5 is bringing the new series, Jaanbaaz Hindustan Ke, this Friday. 

Find out more about the titles coming out in the fourth week of January 2023 below: 

18 Pages - January 27 (Netflix)

Sid, a middle-class tech expert who is madly in love with Anu, suffers from sadness as a result of learning about her. Unexpectedly, he develops feelings for Nandini. Why did his adventure start, and how? 

Against the Ropes - January 25 (Netflix)

You must use the ropes that life throws at you to pull yourself up when they do! Ángela gets released from prison after spending several years behind bars for a crime she didn't commit and finds herself in a completely destroyed society. To rebuild her life and win Rocío's love, she will have to start from scratch and develop into a true fighter. 

An Action Hero - January 27 (Netflix)

Maanav was just 30 years old and in the prime of his career when he was injured while filming in Haryana. Maanav, who was formerly well-known, now lives in secrecy. 

Ayali - January 26 (ZEE5)

Tamizhselvi, a young girl, defied the feared ancient conventions and traditions that unintentionally oppressed women in the village of Veerappannai in her pursuit of her dream of becoming a doctor. 

Black Sunshine Baby - January 24 (Netflix)

The motivational speaker and novelist are movingly portrayed in family recollections and original artwork. The struggle of Aisha Chaudhary with a fatal illness and an immunological problem 

Bodies Bodies Bodies - January 25 (Netflix)

When one of their number transforms into a vicious killer, a group of wealthy friends find their party at a remote home taking a terrifying turn. 

Daniel Spellbound Season 2 - January 26 (Netflix)

A young tracker in New York City makes a fortune by selling elusive magical things to sorcerers, but working with magic may be dangerous. 

Dear Ishq - January 26 (Disney+ Hotstar)

The show tells the narrative of two utterly different people who unintentionally fall in love while travelling through life's simple journey against the backdrop of an Indian publishing house. It is a trip filled with deep emotions. 

Dhamaka - January 22 (Netflix)

When a young, charismatic man takes over his father's business and gets his father's sense of right and wrong, he improves the company's products by sending them all over the world. His life is turned upside down by an unplanned event, but his good character and ability to get things done help him face it head-on, get past problems, and protect his personal and professional selves for the good of others. 

Jaanbaaz Hindustan Ke - January 26 (ZEE5)

Kavya Iyer, an ambitious IPS officer, will do everything it takes to protect her country. Will she be able to protect her team while on a mission to stop terror attacks and Naxalite insurgencies in the nation's northeast? 

Lockwood & Co. - January 27 (Netflix)

In London, among the various corporate, adult-run agencies, one sticks out: "The most talented young ghost-hunters enter nightly into risky confrontations with lethal spirits." A small business operated by two teenagers and a recently arrived, incredibly psychically gifted girl, independent of any commercial motivation or adult oversight, is tasked with solving a riddle that will alter the course of human history: Locksmith & Co. 

Narvik - January 23 (Netflix)

April 1940. The world is already focused on Narvik, which exports the iron ore Hitler needs to keep the German war machine running, even though the approaching war in Europe appears far away to the Norwegians. German forces land in Norway on the night of April 9. This violates Norway's neutrality. Without a struggle, the city commander hands up control of Narvik, but not everyone is ready to give up their weapons. 200 Norwegian soldiers trick their way out of the city and join the battle. One of the soldiers is the young corporal Gunnar Tofte, who has to fight against the skilled German Alpine hunters in the Alps to prove himself. His wife, Ingrid Tofte, works as a maid and translator at the Royal Hotel in Narvik. This would be the new German base of operations. Knowing who is a friend and who is an adversary in the trench is simple. From a civilian perspective, the situation is more nuanced. 

Shotgun Wedding - January 27 (Amazon Prime Video)

When hostages are taken by gunmen, Darcy and Tom gather their relatives for a destination wedding, but the event is postponed. If they don't end up killing each other first, they must now do everything in their power to save their loved ones. 

Shrinking - January 27 (AppleTV+)

Shrinking centres on a bereaved therapist (played by Segel) who begins to defy convention and tell his patients what he really feels. He finds himself making significant, upsetting changes to people's lives, including his own, while disregarding his training and principles. 

The Invitation - January 28 (Netflix)

Evie (Nathalie Emmanuel) does a DNA test after learning that her mother has passed away and that she has no other known relatives. and finds a distant cousin she was unaware she had. When she accepts an invitation from her new family to a lavish wedding in the English countryside, the sexy aristocrat host at first seduces her. But she soon finds herself in a survival nightmare as she learns the dark secrets of her family's past and the sinister reasons behind their lavish generosity. 

You People - January 27 (Netflix)

In this comedy created by Jonah Hill and Kenya Barris, a new couple discovers that opposites attract, but some families don't, as they have to deal with their parents' conflicting opinions of their relationship. When two young people in Los Angeles from different backgrounds fall in love, they face the ultimate test of their relationship: meeting the parents, families, and cultures that are different from their own.