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Jawan: Shah Rukh Khan LIES on the floor to accommodate film’s crew members, wins the internet

The said incident had happened at the ‘Jawan’s success meet which had happened yesterday

Jawan: Shah Rukh Khan LIES on the floor to accommodate film’s crew members, wins the internet
PC: Screenshot from Twitter

Last Updated: 11.02 PM, Sep 16, 2023


Yesterday was the day when the makers of the smash hit film Jawan’ had organised a success meet for the film’s actors and also the media personnel. In a nutshell, yesterday’s event was definitely an event to remember for a long time. Those who were present to grace the occasion included the film’s director Atlee Kumar, the ‘simply gorgeous’ Deepika Padukone and the superstar actor Vijay Sethupathi. The icing on the cake, undoubtedly, was the presence of the film’s hero Shah Rukh Khan, whose talks and sassy replies gave oodles of evergreen memories to everyone who had attended the grand event.

SRK jumped the line during group photo!

In tune with the custom of clicking a group photo to remember the happy occasion, the entire team of ‘Jawan’ had come together to pose for a group photograph. The photographer was trying his level best to accommodate everyone in one single frame. Initially, Shah Rukh Khan posed with everyone in a standing pose. But suddenly he sensed that not everyone was able to get accommodated in the said photograph and also that a few members of the film’s crew were seated on the floor. Wasting no time, Shah Rukh Khan ‘jumped the line’ and guess what! He actually laid down on the ground so that everyone could adjust.

SRK wins netizens' hearts... all over again!

This action of Shah Rukh Khan gained him appreciation galore from many netizens from all over. A netizen after uploading the video of Shah Rukh Khan lying down captioned the same saying, “SRK felt bad that some of #Jawan cast & crew were sitting on floor for a photograph, so he went and lay himself down on the floor”. This was followed by an array of messages which were in praise of King Khan’s kind gesture. Another user wrote, “Not his fan, but have to accept he is the real king Khan”.

SRK defines 'Jawan'

As for the event, Shah Rukh Khan won every heart with his definition of ‘Jawan’. He said, “Jawan is the feeling which every Indian has. I think jawan is an emotion. Jawan is an Indian soldier. Jawan is an Indian mother. Jawan is an Indian girl. Many times, Jawan is very weak because its all of us. And many times, he is ready for a fight. Jawan is many times wrong, but many times he is also right. Jawan, will sometimes, live in the darkness. Sometimes, jawan will be the one who will be emanating the light. Finally, all of us and every Indian is a Jawan who is upright. So, please remember that honesty, goodness, love is what the whole film stands for.”

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