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Jennifer Garner wishes ex-boyfriend Michael Vartan on his birthday with a sweet throwback photo

13 Going 30 actress Jennifer Garner wished her co-star and ex-boyfriend Michael Vartan on his 55th birthday with a sweet throwback picture. The duo briefly dated from August 2003 to March 2004.

Jennifer Garner wishes ex-boyfriend Michael Vartan on his birthday with a sweet throwback photo

Last Updated: 09.56 PM, Nov 28, 2023


Actress Jennifer Garner shared a memorable throwback picture on her social media on Monday, November 27 ET, to pay a sweet tribute to her Alias co-star and ex-boyfriend Michael Vartan. The former Daredevil actress posted a shot from the set of Alias, in which she was dressed in a traditional German costume and sported blonde hair, while Michael appeared grim in an all-black ensemble.

The post was wittily captioned and signed by Jennifer’s Garner’s character (Sydney Bristow) from Alias. “I can’t remember why I was Bavarian, but I do know today is your birthday. I hope it’s a great one, Michael! XX S. Bristow” And fans had their nostalgic bone tickled by it.

One fan stated the obvious, “The best couple chemistry ever. Sydney and Vaugh.” Another made our rom-com hearts sniffle, “Absolutely loved this show. Named My daughter after you. Sydney Bristow and my husband is a Vaughn, so her name is Sydney Vaughn!!”

A third fan made us miss the show for the right reasons, “I miss that show. I binged it years ago as an emotional and mental escape when my son was hospitalized and after he passed. Your character gave me hope I get through hard things. Thanks.” A fourth stated the obvious solution, “...aaaaaaaaaand this is my cue to start my yearly Alias rewatch.”

Jennifer Garner and Michael Vartan had met in 2001, while the former was still married to Scott Foley. They began dating in August 2003, while working together on Alias, till March 2004. Currently, Garner is dating Cali Group head John Miller, after separation from Ben Affleck in 2015. Vartan married Lauren Skaar in 2011, but they separated in 2014.

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