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Jimmy Kimmel roasts Donald Trump's Oscars review - 'Isn't it past your jail time?'

Jimmy Kimmel mocks Donald Trump's Oscars critique during his extra minute of fame.

Jimmy Kimmel roasts Donald Trump's Oscars review - 'Isn't it past your jail time?'
Jimmy Kimmel/Instagram

Last Updated: 09.22 AM, Mar 11, 2024


On Sunday, during the 2024 Academy Awards, Jimmy Kimmel used his "extra minute" to criticise Donald Trump. The host made a joke about receiving a review, stating that if it's okay with everyone, he would like to tell about something of which he is quite proud. After that, Kimmel read Trump's post from his Truth Social site.

Donald Trump's social media post

The message questioned if Jimmy Kimmel, in the context of the Academy Awards history, had ever been the worst host, suggesting that he appeared as an ordinary guy trying to be extraordinary despite not being suited for the role.

The post also said to get Kimmel out of here and maybe put George Slopanopoulos, another cheap and washed-up ABC "star," instead. Every performer on stage would exude a larger, stronger, and more beautiful presence after their performance. In addition, tonight and for years to come, there will be a terrible politically correct show that is boring, uneven, and without cohesion. The Oscars should just go to the deserving candidates, why don't they? Perhaps that will help them recover from the abyss that is their audience and television ratings, ending with "Make America Great Again!"

Kimmel's reaction to Trump post

Kimmel read the social post aloud, and the crowd burst out laughing. "Who was the former president who just posted that?" The host questioned, then revealed, "President Trump."

The host further joked, "Thank you for watching. I’m surprised you’re still... Isn’t it past your jail time?" As the audience began to applaud and cheer, Kimmel made a joke that Trump is definitely paying attention to what's important.

Kimmel's inspiration from Trump's presence

As the ex-president campaigns for a comeback in November, he faces four separate criminal indictments in four separate locations. Trump serves as Kimmel's "muse" when it comes to the material of his late-night talk programme, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, as he revealed earlier this week to The Hollywood Reporter.

He responded to the question about his readiness for the 2024 race being dominated by Trump coverage by stating that he enjoys it even more because it annoys him. Sometimes they even receive proof of that, and that motivates him. Inspiring Kimmel, Trump is.

The Dolby Theatre at Ovation Hollywood hosted the 96th Academy Awards on March 10 (in the US).

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