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John Cena announces retirement from WWE after WrestleMania 41 - Here's everything you should know about the Farewell Tour

John Cena took the stage at the Money In The Back event to announce his retirement from in-ring competitions.

John Cena announces retirement from WWE after WrestleMania 41 - Here's everything you should know about the Farewell Tour
John Cena Announces Retirement From WWE

Last Updated: 03.13 PM, Jul 07, 2024


John Cena is one of the few people who managed to penetrate the movie business from the world of WWE and succeeded. The wrestler ventured into acting in 2006 and has since given us some of the most iconic performances, with Peacemaker under DCU boss James Gunn’s guidance being the latest. While we all wait for Peacemaker Season 2 to see what Cena and Gunn have cooked for us, we have just received the most shocking update of the day, week, and probably month: John Cena is retiring from in-ring competition at WWE. Yes, you heard that right. The wrestling champion has announced his retirement in 2025, and his farewell is going to be a tour because champions, of course, deserve that.

John Cena Announces Retirement

John Cena has left his fans in shock as he has now announced his retirement from competing in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) events. He made this announcement at the Money In The Bank event in Toronto, Canada, and revealed that his final competition will be sometime in 2025. The champion, who joined the world of WWE 20 years ago, said that he has had incredible waves of prosperity and also faced hardships. His appearance at WrestleMania 41 in 2025 is where his career ends. Read on to know everything about it.

John Cena, who joined WWE in 2001, has earned the World Champion status 16 times during this period. The wrestler is tagged as one of the best in the game, and there is no way his retirement announcement is not going to leave any fan sad. Over the years, he has entertained his fans and audience in the ring, on the big screen, and in the digital world. The fans in the crowd at the Toronto venue chanted "Thank You Cena" as he made the announcement.

The Farewell Tour

John Cena offered some clarity about his retirement in the post-PLE conference. He said that the farewell tour will take place throughout the entire year, and WrestleMania 41 will be where he bids goodbye to WWE, but that is not where the tour ends. "This is where we give you some of the details on the farewell tour. It's not going to end at WrestleMania. That WrestleMania will be my last WrestleMania, but hopefully, if everything goes according to plan, we're going straight through from January to December," Cena said (via ComicBook). "We're going to try and do a long list of dates. I think right now tentatively it's hovering in the mid-30s to 40s because I'm still going to try and juggle a lot of stuff that's going on, and that will be the end of my in-ring competition."

John Cena went on to add how part of that business plan he proposed has been accepted, as he thanked the WWE bosses for letting him stay in the family in some capacity for an extended time to come. Calling WWE his home, like he always has, he confessed his love for the ring and said that just because he is physically feeling at his end doesn't mean he has to part ways with something that he has loved almost all his adult life.

"I have a passion for this business. I still watch Money in the Bank and yell at the screen and yell at the guys for what they're doing or what they could be doing, so I still...I feel I still have some wisdom locked up here that could be of some value. I look forward to ending my participation in the ring in the best way I possibly can and being a member of the extended WWE family for quite some time to come," John Cena added.

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