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Kabzaa: All hopes now rest on trailer to create buzz around the Upendra film

The three songs that have been released have not created any impact, especially in the other languages, say netizens.

Kabzaa: All hopes now rest on trailer to create buzz around the Upendra film
Upendra in a still from Kabzaa
  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 11.18 AM, Feb 27, 2023

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If the chatter on social media is anything to go by, there is not much buzz surrounding Kannada filmmaker R Chandru’s Kabzaa, which is his biggest film to date. The film is only 18 days away from its theatrical release, but unlike other major titles that were highly awaited, Kabzaa is not as widely discussed, especially outside of Karnataka. There is a serious lack of excitement surrounding the Upendra starrer, primarily because the first impression that’s gone out is that the film is a cheap imitation of Yash’s KGF.

When the teaser of Kabzaa came out, netizens called it out for having similar visuals, colour grading and even background score (by Ravi Basrur) as KGF, but Chandru defended his film saying that the likeliness in making is deliberate, as it is his answer to naysayers who claimed that another KGF was impossible to be made. His trump card, he maintained, is that Kabzaa’s story is vastly different from that of KGF, which audiences will realize when they see the film.

More recently, he released three songs, first the theme track, then a classical dance number and finally, the film’s ‘item’ song, but none have helped the cause of creating buzz in the run-up to the release. What’s worse is that the songs have not worked in the other language versions either. The hope is that Chandru and team find redemption and create ample interest among audiences in the film with the trailer, which is expected to be released on March 2 in Mumbai.

“Songs not creating any impact on audience especially other language audience,i think now a proper trailer is only way to boost up the hype teaser created,” wrote Shubham Shetty. Srinivas Sri added that Kabzaa expectations have been plummeting from the teaser to the third song, with the trailer the last hope. “#Kabzaa movie expectations... 1.after teaser - 100%🤩...2.after 1st song - 75%🥳...3.after 2nd song -50%🙁...4.after 3rd song - 25%🥴...Waiting for trailer...the last hope,” he tweeted. Shashikumar added, "#Kabzaa no publicity, except teaser, there is no interesting fact to attract pan Indians audience, please do more publicity and release trailer soon or no interest on movie. Don't satisfy with pre release business."