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Kabzaa title track: R. Chandru's 'KGF' obsession sparks a hilarious meme fest on the internet

Concerned and miffed netizens expressed their sentiments through funny memes on social media as the Kabzaa vs KGF conversation takes a new shape

Kabzaa title track: R. Chandru's 'KGF' obsession sparks a hilarious meme fest on the internet
Kabzaa sparks a meme fest

Last Updated: 02.13 PM, Feb 05, 2023


Over the past couple of months, director/producer R. Chandru has had to valiantly field a lot of questions regarding the stark similarities between KGF 2 and his upcoming film, Kabzaa. Be it the glaring resemblance in the visual palettes of the film, the period setting or Ravi Basrur's soundtrack, the alikeness between the two mega ventures is undeniable at the moment and R. Chandru, too, knows that. To his credit, he has openly admitted that he sought Prashanth Neel's KGF movies as inspiration, adding that he is not fazed by the comparisons and that, in due time, one will realize the dissimilarities that exist between the two movies.

However, the release of the first single, the Kabzaa title track, has rekindled the 'Kabzaa vs KGF' conversation on social media. With Ravi Basrur dishing out a track for Kabzaa that is glaringly similar to the Toofan song from KGF 2, netizens are left underwhelmed and also concerned about the apparent lack of novelty in the music of the Upendra starrer. The Kabzaa title track has received its huge share of praise, no doubt, but the rest of them seem in no mood to let go of the resemblances as they take part in a hilarious meme fest on social media.

One user has gone on to call R. Chandru 'Nolan Chandranna' (a sarcastic reference to Christopher Nolan) and the meme shows the Kannada filmmaker making sincere attempts to get "inspired" by Prashanth Neel.

"Seems like Kannada movie makers think bombarding hindi/urdu lyrics into their songs make song go viral. nope that ain't happening," wrote the same user.

Another user cut a snippet from an old Shiva Rajkumar movie to suggest the similarity between KGF 2, Madhagaja and Kabzaa songs. Ravi Basrur's penchant to the same kind of soundscape has quite obviously become a concern now.

Memes featuring a very popular moment from the hit TV show The Office, too, cropped up as netizens hilariously allege Basrur of using a deleted version of Toofan from KGF 2.

Challenging Star Darshan and Daali Dhananjaya, too, featured in this fest.

So, it is safe to say that R. Chandru's KGF 'inspiration' routine isn't selling at the moment and should things continue to fare this way, team Kabzaa may leave more fans disappointed. The film is scheduled to release worldwide on March 17th with the trailer expected to drop on March 3rd

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