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Kabzaa Twitter review: Netizens put R Chandru in the line of fire for making a ‘KGF’ spoof

The film, starring Upendra in the lead, was openly marketed as one that was inspired by KGF, but audiences were shocked at the level of inspiration.

Kabzaa Twitter review:  Netizens put R Chandru in the line of fire for making a ‘KGF’ spoof
Upendra in the trailer of Kabzaa
  • Prathibha Joy

Last Updated: 11.04 AM, Mar 17, 2023

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R Chandru was hoping that his latest film, Kabzaa, would be the next big thing from Kannada cinema. But in the run-up to its release there was no buzz around it, bookings were low and now, the team’s hopes of a positive word of mouth bolstering its prospects has also gone out of the window. The Upendra-led film is being panned by audiences across the country for being a cheap copy of KGF with no coherent story either. Here’s a look at what netizens are saying:

Music - KGF copy; Screenplay - partial KGF copy; Climax - Inspired by KGF; DOP - Inspired by KGF; Build Up Dialogues - Inspired by #KGF – @PrathapPV

So #Kabzaa is a spoof movie. It takes genuine bravery for superstars to act in such parody films.Hats off #Upendra #KicchaSudeep𓃵 – @CosmicPunk

For people who are saying that it’s a replica of kgf & kgf 2 for god sake no man it’s a cartoon show with horrible background score to die in theatre itself. Amazed by how Upendra sir was confident about this horrible flick. – @TheInfiniteview

Director that he can do a spoof of kgf with getting huge star cast no man you can’t this is more like a cartoon show. Worst worst worst – @PrasadJagarlamudi

#Kabzaa tried to be lite version of KGF, From scene cuts to BGM it duplicates KGF. Fails to engage, nothing new apart from few intense shots of #Upendra. Dir Chandru lacks in writing good story & screenplay. Lead pair romance is just cringe 😬 🤮Cameo appearances didn't help. Grown up watching Uppi's unusual plot lines, #Upendra never fitted into Arkeshwara role. Chandru's lack of vision makes Actor to fail very badly. Dark palate tone of Movie causes tiredness to audience. Dailogue writer is criminal (Shriya lines🚶🏻) - @REbellionRevolt

#Kabzaa is unbearable film, director chandru wasted talented actors like #Upendra, #KicchaSudeep and #ShivaRajkumar - @Filterindian

Movie is highly inspired by KGF but miserably failed because of bad direction, terrible screenplay. Only climax was good. @SRaghavendra87

Walkout feels.. Watched kgf 1,2? you can AVOID #Kabzaa. Cheap version of KGF, same screenplay , same editing pattern. Not engaging at all. Bad dubbing n bad performance from upendra. Sudeep just cameo, other actors, nothing great. - @436game

KGF movie alli scene ge bekiro kade Blackout scene baratte. But in Kabzaa KGF level tagibeku anta movie full blackout scene galne ikkavne sumsumne. Tale yella nov Bantu idrinda nange - @GopiKiccha