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Kadala Odala from Pruthvi Ambaar’s Matsyagandha throws light on life of Uttara Kannada’s fisherfolk

Matsyagandha, which also stars Prashant Siddi in a pivotal role, is his debut as music composer

Kadala Odala from Pruthvi Ambaar’s Matsyagandha throws light on life of Uttara Kannada’s fisherfolk
Pruthvi Ambaar in a still from the film

Last Updated: 04.38 PM, Feb 08, 2024


Kannada actor Prashant Siddi comes from a theatre background, a learning he’s put not only into his acting career, but has now also channelled into music. Prashant is the music director of the upcoming Kannada film Matsyagandha, which has Pruthvi Ambaar in the lead. He also has a pivotal role in the film, which will be in theatres on February 23.

A month ago, the first song Bhageerathi came out, followed by the second single, a very peppy number called Kuva Kuva Kuvale last week, and today, the third, Kadala Odala has been released. Prashant has composed five songs for the film. Kadala Odala also served as the trailer launch announcement; it will be released on February 12, which still gives the team enough time to drop one more song.


Sung by Hemanth Kumar, this one is more about the accompanying visuals than the song itself, as it captures life of the people the coastal belt of Uttara Kannada, specifically the fisherfolk. According to the official description of the film, Matsyagandha is the portrayal of the intricacies of life, language, and self-esteem of the fishermen in Uttara Kannada and how these shape their world. The film also explores the deteriorating bond between the police and the public and the problems that erupt when trust upon those meant to serve and protect erodes.

Matsyagandha is one of 3 film releases that leading man Pruthvi has. In fact, on February 23, the actor has another film hitting theatres, an impasse he has not been able to resolve. Matsyagandha is a film that he’d been excited about, considering that it is his first time in khaki and in a more rough-and-tough role. Considering that there are other films lined up for the same date and he himself has 2, it remains to be seen how either will fare.

This week, Pruthvi comes to theatres with Juni, a love story revolving around dissociative identity disorder. The actor will have other films like Life is Beautiful, Bhuvanam Gaganam also releasing sometime this year.

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