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Kaiva OTT release date - Watch Dhanveerah and Megha Shetty led love story now

Director Jayathirtha Jayanna’s period film about the love story between a Hindu boy and a Muslim girl is based on a real-life couple

Kaiva OTT release date - Watch Dhanveerah and Megha Shetty led love story now
Dhanveerah in a still from 'Kaiva'

Last Updated: 07.52 PM, Feb 03, 2024


On paper, the story of director Jayathirtha Jayanna’s film Kaiva sounds very interesting. The love story of a Hindu boy and Muslim girl, set in the early 80s, a time in which such inter-faith relationships were frowned upon just as much as they are today or more. Based on a real-life couple, who faced tremendous obstacles in fulfilling their dream of a life together, Kaiva had Dhanveerah and Megha Shetty in the lead. Released in theatres in early December, the film, though, did not work at the box office and is now on OTT.

Kaiva was picked up by Amazon Prime Video and is currently available to stream on the platform. It remains to be seen if this was an outright purchase or if the streamer has negotiated a hybrid deal for a limited period only. In recent times, Prime Video has, apparently, been offering some teams only 6 months on the platform, including films like Orchestra, Mysuru!, Daredevil Musthafa, among others.


The film, incidentally, was awarded an A certificate by the censor board, which Dhanveerah had said was not because of vulgarity but more so because of violence. The intense subject meant that there there would be a lot of friction among people, which could not be portrayed in a soft manner, Jayathirtha had added. The action, he had said, borders on brutality, which is why the film was given an A certificate. The violence apart, one of Kaiva’s major highlights was the depiction of Bengaluru’s famed Karaga festival.

Challenging Star Darshan had been at the forefront of supporting the team, especially leading man Dhanveerah, but even that did not help the film’s fortunes at the box office. The brutal mass entertainer did not create any ripples and was widely panned. Kaiva, incidentally, follows shortly after yet another Darshan protégé, Yashas Surya’s Garadi dropped on Prime Video.

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