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Kamal Haasan gets nostalgic with Manjummel Boys, reveals unknown facts about Guna

Tamil superstar Kamal Haasan has praised the latest Malayalam hit Manjummel Boys and reflected on the challenges he faced while shooting for Guna. 

Kamal Haasan gets nostalgic with Manjummel Boys, reveals unknown facts about Guna
Kanmani Anbodu's role in the success of Manjummel Boys.

Last Updated: 03.27 PM, Mar 03, 2024


Tamil superstar Kamal Haasan recently hosted the cast and crew of Manjummel Boys at his Chennai office, extending his congratulations on the movie's success. He regaled the team with anecdotes from the making of Guna.

"I liked the film very much. Not just because you mentioned Kamal Haasan's name," he quipped.

"Love also goes for friendship," said Kamal, asserting that the song Kanmani Anbodu was a love letter he and Ilaiyaraaja wrote to each other. 

Kamal Haasan's nostalgic meet with Manjummel Boys


The iconic song Kanmani Anbodu plays an important role in the movie, which highlights the undying love and loyalty among a group of friends.

Released in 1991, Guna was filmed against the natural backdrop of the Devi's Kitchen cave in Kodaikanal, now known as Gunaa cave. Despite its notorious reputation as a dreaded tourist spot, Kamal bravely shot his cult classic in the perilous location.

Director Chidambaram S Poduval of Manjummel Boys marvelled at Kamal's perseverance to shoot in such dangerous locations, especially considering the lack of today's filmmaking technology comforts.

Talking about the dangers of shooting there, Kamal noted that Guna cave is a relatively young formation, making it unsuitable for rock climbing adventures.

Kamal revealed that he still has the mementos that he collected while making Guna. "You remember monkey skulls in Hey Ram? I collected them from Guna cave," he revealed. "Little monkeys fall and they can't come up. They die there. As you go deep, the crevices are very dangerous."

Manjummel Boys a big hit at Tamil Nadu box office

Despite warnings about potential wild animals like pythons and leopards, Kamal and the team took the risk of shooting in the cave.

"Mathikettan Shola was the title I suggested for the movie. But, the whole unit said no. I wanted that name because those caves were paradise for Guna," he revealed.

Kamal also rued that the place has lost all its old charm after becoming a popular tourist destination, courtesy of Guna movie. Not just that, Kamal also holds the distinction of being the first actor to shoot at Athirappilly waterfalls. "Till Punnagai Mannan, everyone shot the falls from a distance. But, nobody went near," said Kamal.

Kamal revealed that there was no path to the caves when they made the fim, and they constructed a road to it.

Manjummel Boys has struck a strong chord with the audiences, making it the biggest Malayalam hit at the Tamil Nadu box office. And one cannot overstate the contribution of Guna and its enduring popularity with the Tamil audience for the film's massive success.

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