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Kangana Ranaut to quit acting for restaurant business soon and THIS is the reason she made the decision

Kangana Ranaut was last seen in Tejas

Kangana Ranaut to quit acting for restaurant business soon and THIS is the reason she made the decision
Kangana Ranaut/Instagram

Last Updated: 08.04 PM, Jan 08, 2024


Kangana Ranaut has taken a decision which involves quitting acting. This has happened after the actress is left distraught after a recent incident. Years after working as an actress in Bollywood, Kangana has decided that she will most probably make a switch in her career. While she did not mention what she hopes to pursue, the actress was almost certain it will not be continuing her acting career and wants to venture into the restaurant business completely.

What Kangana wrote

Claiming that there’s paid negativity for her movies, Kangana spoke about how women are treated in movies. “This is deeply discouraging for someone who has been dedicating her life for woman empowerment films, might shift career in coming years, want to give best years of my life to something worthwhile,” she wrote.

The story behind the tweet

Kangana had been sharing many tweets to talk about the kind of treatment women receive in Bollywood. Instead, she was trolled since her past few movies have been declared a flop at the Box Office. There was, however, a section that stood by Kangana’s revolt.

What was the revolt for?

Kangana appeared to be calling out Ranbir Kapoor’s latest film Animal, although a little too late. She spoke about how women have been treated unfairly and they are made to accept it all. She remembered how she entered in a time when special dance numbers were regular for actresses and they were expected to play dumb roles as opposed to their male counterparts. Recalling how she rejected Dharma, YRF, Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan and Ranbir Kapoor, Kangana wrote, “Not because I had anything personal against them, all for the cause of woman empowerment and today looking at the condition of women in films my heart sinks… is film industry only to blame for this? Audiences have no participation in this steep regression of women in films?” This seems to be her dig at how Animal is being appreciated by viewers, even when the women in the film are not respected or have enough say.

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