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Kanguva star Suriya's candid revelation: 'Only now do I fully understand about women in my life'

Kanguva star Suriya heaped praises on the students of the Agaram Foundation, who are bringing transformative change to society. 

Kanguva star Suriya's candid revelation: 'Only now do I fully understand about women in my life'

Suriya will be seen next in Kanguva.

Last Updated: 01.06 PM, Jul 16, 2023


Tamil superstar Suriya took a break from his hectic shooting schedule of his upcoming epic Kanguva to celebrate the achievements of the students from the Agaram Foundation, an organisation he founded to provide free education to underprivileged students in rural areas of Tamil Nadu.

During the event on Sunday, Suriya expressed his admiration for the positive changes brought about by the students of the Agaram Foundation in society. He shared a heartfelt story of a woman who found purpose in life after meeting her husband, who is an old student of the Agaram Foundation. 

"In Jawadhu Hills, where reaching schools can be difficult due to geographical constraints. Teachers often need to stay in the area for several years to provide education, which lacks almost all the comforts of the city. And a sister, who spoke at a workshop, got emotional while telling her story. She told that she had no ambition in her life until she met her husband. It was her husband who motivated her to live a purposeful life and bring about change in people's life. And her husband is an old student of Agaram," he said. 

"I am surprised by the level of maturity shown by that old student, who was able to fully understand a woman's struggle. I didn't have that level of understanding until I was 40. I am only now able to fully understand the needs of women in my life — mother, wife, and daughter," Suriya acknowledged, reflecting on the importance of empathy and understanding.

Suriya emphasized the significance of education in overcoming societal inequalities, such as those based on caste and religion. He encouraged students to use education as a tool to understand how to live a purposeful life and bring about positive change.

"Assume you have Rs 86,400 in your bank account. And someone you don't know robs Rs 10 from your account. Now, will you get vexed about the lost Rs 10 and throw away the remaining amount in your bank account? We won't right? Likewise, in a day, we have 86400 seconds. Just because somebody said a bad thing about you and spoiled your mood for 10 seconds, you shouldn't waste the whole day worrying about that," he said. 

Suriya encouraged students to start their days with a positive attitude, even in small acts like making their beds. He shared that adopting the habit of waking up early had brought about significant positive changes in his own life.

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