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Kannada actress Risheeka Singh finally opens up about her recovery after a 2020 accident

The actress had sustained multiple fractures, including to her spine, in a late-night car collision

Kannada actress Risheeka Singh finally opens up about her recovery after a 2020 accident
Risheeka Singh met with a horrific accident in July 2020 and is back on her feet only now

Last Updated: 04.49 PM, Feb 02, 2023


In July of 2020, it was reported that Kannada actress Risheeka (Rohini) Singh, the daughter of veteran filmmaker SV Rajendra Singh Babu and sister of actor Adityaa, had met with an accident late at night while returning home after a party. Risheeka was accompanied by Arpita, her aunt Vijayalakshmi Singh’s step daughter (Jai Jagdish’s daughter from an earlier relationship). It was reported that the car the duo were travelling in along with a friend, crashed into a tree at high speed, owing to which both of them sustained serious injuries.

At the time, Adityaa had said that the accident was bad, but that both girls were okay. Today, though, Risheeka finally opened up about the extent of her injuries and her long and tedious road to recovery, that has her finally able to walk, albeit with the help of crutches. In a reel that she uploaded on social media, Risheeka detailed her injuries, including the fractures to her bones, especially her spine, and the struggle to be back on her feet. It has become abundantly clear that her injuries were a lot more serious than was made out to be initially. Risheeka still has a long way to go, but the actress is proud of her progress and is finally able to open up about it.

The reel ended with a message that read, “This is a small reel following my healing journey after I injured my spine after an accident. The only thing that kept me going is my guidance from spirit, my positivity, my will and definitely my physio. I never gave up, when when the going got tough I got tougher. Today, I got back on my feet. Am almost out of my crutches and walk free. This wouldn’t have been possible without the almighty, my family, my physio and friends.”

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