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Kantara star Kishore on Pettaikaali: I was in a very vulnerable position and scared

The actor plays a bull tamer in the web series based on Jallikattu, bankrolled by Vetri Maaran

Kantara star Kishore on Pettaikaali: I was in a very vulnerable position and scared
Kishore in Pettaikaali

Last Updated: 06.20 PM, Oct 19, 2022


​Kantara star Kishore is all set for his next offering, the web series, Pettaikaali, which is based on the traditional bull-taming sport of Tamil Nadu, Jallikattu. The series, helmed by Rajkumar, has Kalaiyarasan and Kishore playing the lead. Talking about playing a bull tamer, Kishore said in the latest promo of Pettaikaali, "I have been around animals, so that was not new for me. But here, I was dealing with bulls I was not acquainted with. So, I was in a very vulnerable position because you don't understand the temperament of the animal. You don't know where the animal is going to come from and what it would do, so that way it was quite scary. However it translated beautifully onscreen and it looks visually appealing.

​Talking about playing a bull tamer, Kishore said, "How would you feel if you drive a vehicle without knowing how to drive? That's how it was. Even driving a vehicle is ok because the machine doesn't have a brain of its own. Here you are dealing with a powerful animal. The boys who worked with us were well-trained bull tamers.  They would constantly try to convince me that the bulls won't do anything and that they were not aggressive. One time, I narrowly missed being grazed by a bull's horn. I wondered at that time if I should have taken such a huge risk. But the boys were really helpful."

​About the series, Kishore says," Pett​a​ikaali is a reflection of bull tamers. I was surprised when the traditional bull tamers talked about the sport with such passion and how they proudly flaunted the injuries they suffered during the same. I wondered, 'Why do they live like this? What propels them to live like this?' I soon realised that we are reaping the benefits of it. Jallikattu is not only a sport or a tradition, but the sport is crucial for the very existence and survival of the bulls. I also learnt a lot about malaimaadu that are used in Jallikattu. Those are the bulls that are left in the forests after the grains are sown and are brought back after the harvest. They learn to survive in the wild. It's a symbiotic relationship and the farmers practise sustainable living. They use the dung as manure. It's a reminder to go back to the roots."The series is all set to stream from October 21 on Aha Tamil.

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