Kantara Twitter review: Celebs and netizens hail Rishab Shetty’s film as a masterpiece

Mind-blowing visuals, great story-telling, and music that elevates the whole experience – that about sums up what most people are saying about Kantara on social media

Kantara Twitter review: Celebs and netizens hail Rishab Shetty’s film as a masterpiece
Rishab Shetty in a still from the film
  • Prathibha Joy

Last Updated: 05.27 AM, Sep 30, 2022


The verdict of the premiere shows of Rishab Shetty’s latest, Kantara, is out and boy, is the word good. Celebrities and other netizens who have been privy to have caught the shows on the eve of the film’s release in theatres are calling it a masterpiece. Absolutely awed by his master story-telling, acting, visuals and the music, everyone’s been taking to social media to pen their thoughts about what they say is Rishab’s best work yet.

“Kantara… last 20 mins will take your breath out. Rishab at his best… or should I say THE GULIGA himself personified in him. You wouldn’t have seen anything like this in Indian cinema…, I am so so overwhelmed with the climax that I can’t explain. Really need to make a quick trip to Udupi and visit the divine energy,” wrote actor-filmmaker Rakshit Shetty.

Fellow Mangalurian and Vikrant Rona maker, Anup Bhandari wrote, “Take a bow @shetty_rishab. ! #Kantara is your best work yet! Took me back to my childhood days 😊. Great work & Congrats @gowda_sapthami, @actorkishore, @AJANEESHB. #Aravindkashyap @VKiragandur @Karthik1423 and the entire team.”

Actress Ramya, tweeted, "Just watched #Kantara and I’m at a loss of words-It will blow your mind especially the Bhoota kola sequence @shetty_rishab you’ve outdone yourself! @gowda_sapthami you’ve held your own @hombalefilms @VKiragandur @Karthik1423 congratulations on a another big win! #KantaraOnSep30."

Filmmaker Arjun Kamath wrote, “#Kantara premiere show done. This will be one of the best film you will watch in your lifetime. Don't miss theatre experience. Had to take off my footwear in many scenes, it's that impactful. Hat's off to @shetty_rishab sir & team. 100% Epic Hit.”

Kishore as DRFO Murali in the film
Kishore as DRFO Murali in the film

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“#Kantara is not just a movie. It’s an experience! I’m stunned with the world @shetty_rishab has created. Mind blowing visuals, gripping story with a spine chilling climax,” writes Amith Alankar. Shreyank Perla adds, “#Kantara the movie will go down as one of the best ever for its Story, acting & cinematography,It's extra special when it glorifies your culture that you believe in, @shetty_rishabThank you for showcasing our culture so beautifully, i still have goosebumps after the last 30mins.” “#Kantara is a bloody awesome movie. It's all about Kundapura Culture. Thanks to @shetty_rishab & @hombalefilms for exploring this subject. Last 20 Minutes 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥... Still getting goosebumps,” writes Nagendra Aithal.