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Karm Yuddh preview: All you need to know about Paoli Dam, Ashutosh Rana's thriller drama

The Ravi Adhikari directorial is an OTT show which also stars Satish Kaushik and Chandan Roy Sanyal among others.

Karm Yuddh preview: All you need to know about Paoli Dam, Ashutosh Rana's thriller drama

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  • Sunidhi Prajapat

Last Updated: 08.04 PM, Sep 28, 2022


The Paoli Dam, Ashutosh Rana starrer is an intense thriller series that talks about the dynamics of an unconventional affluent family.

What to expect from Karm Yuddh?

The tale focuses on a major feud over a succession crisis within a wealthy family from Kolkata. The show is anticipated to showcase an unusual story of a lineage packed with disputes, power, bloodshed and politics. Karm Yuddh promises an engaging and intriguing watch.

The cast of the show

Apart from skilful actors like Paoli and Ashutosh, the series is packed with a talented cast including Satish Kaushik, Rajesh Khattar, Ankit Bisht, Pranay Pachauri, Soundarya Sharma and Chandan Roy Sanyal to play significant characters.

Makers of Karm Yuddh

Directed by Ravi Adhikari, the screenplay of the serious family drama is written by Rehan Khan.

The director about the upcoming show...

Talking about Karm Yuddh, Ravi mentioned in an official BTS video, "There are a lot of layers to it, lot of characters in it and as I said like a lot of world in it. So there's a corporate world there are media, and there is a nutshell of those worlds that we have explored. There's a CBI track which is going on."

He further continued, "The one is Bhishan Roy's world which is the much more experienced one, much more calmer one and much more settled. Second is Indrani Roy, played by Paoli Dam, this is her world where she is married to a man, who is Bhishan Roy's younger brother Varshan Roy, who is paralyzed. So, after him, Indrani Roy took over she want power and control of the whole Roy group of Industries."

"The third generation is of the youth, where Abhimanyu and Samar are there and they are in the college and the wildlife of it," he unveiled about his series.

Ashutosh Rana about Karm Yuddh...

The actor recently shared in a statement, "Initially, to the viewer, it may feel like I am back to playing a dark role, but the character of Guru Shahstri has too many grey shades. He is devious, convincing, and, most importantly, has the cover of mystery that other players in Karm Yuddh do not have.”

When and where to stream Karm Yuddh?

The intense family drama is all set to premiere on Disney Hotstar on September 30.