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Karmma Calling – Varun Sood’s special introduction as Ahaan Kothari | WATCH steamy chemistry between Varun Sood and Namrata Sheth

Raveena Tandon returns to OTT after the huge success of Aranyak, once again with a thrilling story with Disney+ Hotstar

Karmma Calling – Varun Sood’s special introduction as Ahaan Kothari | WATCH steamy chemistry between Varun Sood and Namrata Sheth

Karmma Calling

Last Updated: 10.23 PM, Jan 13, 2024


After its first announcement last year, Karmma Calling is finally going to release this year on Disney+ Hotstar. Based on American series - Revenge, the thriller-drama brings back Raveena Tandon on OTT. Filled with glamour and glitz, Tandon’s world as Indrani Kothari is all about deciet and betrayal.

Karmma Calling trailer

Just four days ago, Hostar dropped the highly anticipated trailer, which gives a sneak-peek into the world of the rich. It's all about a wealthy family called the Kotharis, their fancy lives, and the secrets they keep from each other. Their lives filled with big mansions, fancy parties, and lots of drama like lying and backstabbing. It's supposed to be super luxurious and glamorous.

Varun Sood's introduction

On January 13, Hotstar introduced Varun Sood as Ahaan Kothari. This new promo exhibits Varun coming out from swimming pool, and having a fun life. He is the only heir of Kothari family. Despite born in a billionaire family, he kind of despises his mother Indrani (Raveena Tandon) for being obsessed with her reign in Aliabgh.

What does the promo show?

The promo shows Ahaan’s (Varun Sood) stern warning to Karma Talwar (Namrata Sheth) hangs heavy in the air as he says to be blinded by his family's facade. Across the mansion, suspicion simmers in his mother Indrani's (Raveena Tandon) eyes. Does Karma's charm hide a cunning agenda? Is she playing Ahaan for a ticket into the opulent Kothari clan? Secrets and lies threaten to unravel as the promo hints at a family drama filled with betrayal and deception.

About ABC Channel's Revenge

The American drama - Revenge was one of the much loved shows on ABC Channel. Aired in 2011, the show runned till 2015, and later got cancelled. Revenge might be a bit ridiculous and over-the-top, but it was quite intriguing too. The show was packed with crazy turns, dramatic scenes, and plenty of suspicious and wonderful characters. The show was filled with suspense in every season till the end, and that's what made it famous.

About Raveena Tandon

Raveena Tandon's star power is undeniable, and the trailer for Karmma Calling is the proof. Her mind-blowing performance in Aranyak for Netflix still lingers in viewers' minds, and her return to the screen in this new drama has already generated significant buzz on the internet. Tandon's talent for captivating audiences is sure to make Karmma Calling gain much viewerships for Disney+ Hotstar.

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