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Kaushik Ganguly, Churni Ganguly and Ujaan initiate a ‘writers bank’

The official name is The Screenplayers. 

Kaushik Ganguly, Churni Ganguly and Ujaan initiate a ‘writers bank’
Ujaan, Churni and Kaushik Ganguly

Last Updated: 11.49 PM, Jan 05, 2024


Besides delivering critically acclaimed films, Kaushik Ganguly has established himself to be an able actor. Churni Ganguly is no different. Their son Ujaan is the new member of their team. The three members of the Ganguly family started a new project in 2024, which they call Writers Bank. The official name is The Screenplayers. 

In an interview, Kaushik explained, “I think there is a dearth of good and original screenplays and screenwriters in Bengal. Hence we want to make a bank of good stories.” Any outside person can join this project. Kaushik said, “We will polish the screenplay. A director or producer from outside can come and borrow the story.” 

How did this thought emerge? Kaushik laughed, “It is not like opening a shop. We were students of literature and we exchanged a lot of ideas among ourselves. We documented that.” Ujaan worked as Kaushik’s creative director in Asukh Bisukh. He worked on the script and added a new dimension to it. Kaushik said, “Ujaan is a wonderful writer. He might direct in the future. The three of us want to stress upon good content.” 

Ujaan sees their effort as having the potential to produce films in the future. He said, “But our primary goal is content banking which will be cooked in the home kitchen.” He added, “In abroad, they prefer several persons writing together. Any one person's linear gaze is bad for the subject. We can develop others' stories more.” 

Kaushik said they already started working on different projects in and outside Kolkata. Meanwhile, Ujaan said that they started an animation project in an Indian background, aimed at an international platform. 

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