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KGF-2 teaser was better than that of Salaar, say netizens

Disappointment is writ large in the responses to the Salaar teaser, which dropped earlier today, for the lack of elevation shots and, most importantly, that there was no proper glimpse of Prabhas

KGF-2 teaser was better than that of Salaar, say netizens
KGF-2's teaser had more elevation than Salaar, say netizens

Last Updated: 07.47 AM, Jul 06, 2023


At 5.12 am sharp, Hombale Films released the first teaser of Salaar. The teaser of the film by Prashant Neel, turned out to be more of a ‘glimpse’ with the focus squarely on Tinu Anand telling a bunch of gun-totting goons about a dinosaur from Jurassic Park than on leading man Prabhas, which is what fans had been waiting for eagerly. After the initial excitement about the teaser, fans have now begun voicing their disappointment in the teaser, which, they say, was low on elevation shots and, more importantly, barely even showed Prabhas. So much so that many have taken to social media stating that the KGF: Chapter 2 teaser’s goosebump effect remains unmatched and that it was a whole lot better than that of Salaar.

Sample this:

I just watched the teaser of #salaar. #KGF2 teaser was thousands time better than this one. Reason:- 1.They didn't show us #Prabhas front look. Don't know why? 2. Not a single powerful dialogue and emotion in the teaser. Literally disappointed with #Salaarteaser. – Roshan Kumar Jain

Leave #KGF2 teaser, even #kgf1 teaser which was released 5 years ago is better. Period. #Salaar Teaser. – Nandish

cult core fans feeling @KGFTheFilm - 2 is far better teaser than @SalaarTheSaga .. Nigh out chaysindi parudhvi raj ne chudadaniki kaadu. @PrabhasRaju ne chudadaniki.. Full image kuda chupinchakunda.. @Sahoo climax shot lu pettadu.. little disappointed.. Inkonchem vuntay..Better.. – Jorge Reddy

I mean, it isn't bad by any standards, but it just didn't hit the same as the KGF2 teaser had. Am I the only one who thinks that there were no big moments!? 🥲 #Salaar #SalaarTeaser #SalaarTheSaga – Shivaa M

Expected a lot more as we expect for a word "teaser" ... Illa andre Glimpse anta announce madbodittu... KGF2 teaser >>> 🥺🥺❤️ Innond sala a kgf teaser nodi malkotini....Hoping.. Trailer alli adru we can get something jaasti En doora illa.. #KGFChapter2 #Salaar – Nimish S Koushik

Salaar teaser is amazing. But no teaser can beat KGF2 teaser. – Deepu KB

In the last few weeks, the buzz that Salaar is just an upgraded version of Prashant’s Ugramm had gained traction again, so netizens have also been saying that the filmmaker’s choice of teaser cut is also in keeping this suspense alive for some more time. Is Salaar Prashant’s big-scale version of Ugramm and the sequel he wanted to make, Ugramm Veeram? Looks like we’ll have to wait till September 28 to find out.

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